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Self-disseminating, self-spreading vaccines are on their way, whether you want or like it; the demons are marching forward no the matter devastating implications; VACCINE spreads person to person. (Dr. Paul Alexander)

We are talking here about vaccines that once administered to you, will spread itself, leach out to those around you by contact etc. Only a small number will be vaccinated. Do you understand the implications?

The vaccine that spreads immunity by passing itself on like a virus:

Researchers investigate potential for self-spreading, needle-less inoculations in wake of Covid pandemic


As self-spreading vaccine technology moves forward, dialogue on its risks should follow
By Jonas Sandbrink | June 10, 2022

Scientists in Scotland recently penned the latest installment in the literature about the quest for self-spreading vaccines, inoculations that could move through animal populations like a disease, but instead of illness, spread immunity.

In a new article, University of Glasgow researcher Megan Griffiths and her colleagues identified a herpes virus that might be turned into a vehicle known as a viral vector to spread a rabies vaccine among South American vampire bats. The herpes virus Griffiths highlighted could potentially help researchers overcome a big hurdle for self-spreading vaccine development: Pre-existing immunity to a viral vector used for a vaccine, induced by previous infection with the virus or a related strain, may block the vaccine from spreading. Griffiths’s team studied a herpes virus that can infect bats even if they were previously infected by related strains and therefore could still be an effective viral vector.

It’s a development that Scott Nuismer, a biologist and leading figure in self-spreading vaccine research, said “moved us closer to the point where these challenges” in deploying a vaccine can be solved. But self-spreading vaccine technology is inherently risky.

Once let loose, the vaccine could recombine with human pathogens. Also, it could help malicious actors create viruses capable of causing pandemics. (you don’t say)

Despite these risks, self-spreading vaccine research appears to be moving forward.

Behind the scenes, however, a promising trend is emerging: In journal articles, biosecurity experts and other scientists in the field are grappling with each other’s ideas and potentially paving the way for discussions that could offer a roadmap for mitigating risks from emerging biotechnologies.

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