Western Psyops Directed Against Putin Getting More Absurd by the Week Because…..

… the Russian President’s Very Serious Message is Resonating With Concerned Americans, Europeans and Other Victims of the Grave Consequences of Non-Stop US-UK warmongering in Ukraine.

Submitted by GA

Putin showed up for an economic conference alive and well soon AFTER Ukraine reported he was in a coma!

That’s exactly why I post such reports as rumor.

What Putin really said was ominous.  VERY OMINOUS!

He showed up at another economic summit via live feed in a way that he can’t be tracked, because most likely the reason why Ukraine released the report saying he was a goner was because American intelligence lost his trail and wanted to re-establish it by hatching stories that would force him to appear in public to prove he’s okay.

Putin did not fall for it, just like Kim Jong did not fall for it. Kim Jong simply stayed completely secret while the West hatched story after story about him being sick and dead, only to have him re-appear riding horses in what would have to be athletic condition to do it the way he did, while he sported a huge new missile. BRAGGING RIGHTS, Kim Jong played that like a pro. So this appearance by Putin is probably NOT just a hologram, Kim Jong has shown the lie for what it is, and Putin is probably just fine.


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