Here’s why Italy became the victim of one of the biggest bioterrorist operations of all time.

#Scamdemic–Italy At Forefront of World Police State

The #scamdemic is pretext for a worldwide Communist coup d’etat. Communism = satanist Rothschild monopoly over everything: power, money, thought and movement.   The instruments of this unprecedented assault on humanity are China and the traitorous political class and media. Here, Paolo explains how Italy has borne the brunt of this vicious satanist coup.  Satanists are at war with God. They want to destroy culture and everything good.
by Paolo
This message appeared on 4chan on January 31st.
“The first country they want to try it out in is Italy…they want to work with WHO and Italian government to begin locking down Italian cities.” 
But the first cases of coronavirus were discovered in Italy only in late February and only two weeks later, the government decided to lock down the entire country.
In other words, it seems that the WHO, whose real master is Bill Gates, had chosen Italy as a guinea pig.
Indeed, no other country in the world has experienced a so total lockdown as Italy, except for the Chinese city of Wuhan.
For almost two months every economic activity has been arrested. We really live as inmates in our own homes, while migrants continue to get to Italian coasts.
Evidently, they are above the law. And what is happening in Italy today seems to confirm this hypothesis that WHO has chosen our country for an experiment.


The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, left, who ordered the lock down, might be close to the end of his political career. For the restart after the end of the lock down, called Phase 2, he announced that he wants to create a task force, a group of technicians who can help him. The head would be the former CEO of Vodaphone Italia Vittorio Colao.
But some problems emerge.
First of all, none of these technicians has been elected by the Italian people.
Second, these technicians want immunity from prosecution, as if they know they risk prosecution for their actions.
It’s absurd. Nobody should have immunity.


Third, Colao is Bill Gates’ friend and a regular at the Bilderberg group.
The leftist politicians have asked for a massive vaccination program. Basically, they don’t want anybody to be able to leave home and work without being vaccinated. It really seems the mark of the beast of the Book of Revelation. So the globalists’ plan begins to appear clear:
Phase 1: Frightening the Italian population to convince them that a total lockdown is necessary even if this block will cause enormous economic damages. The man chosen to conduct this first phase is the current prime minister Conte.
Phase 2: Allowing a group of experts and technicians legibus solutus, or above the law, to impose on Italy the ESM with which Europe will starve Italy as it did with Greece and make mandatory a massive vaccination program, as desired by Bill Gates. Colao is the man chosen for this second phase.
 From the point of view of the health emergency, things are improving.
Some Italian doctors, doing many autopsies on corpses of people who died of coronavirus, found that the virus does not cause pneumonia but thrombosis to the pulmonary artery which are easily mistaken for pneumonia.
In other words, people have died because they were cured for the wrong disease. Coronavirus causes a cardiovascular failures, not pulmonary ones.
Trump was right: Hydroxychloroquine is really a game changer. In the first phase of the disease, patients must be cured with Hydroxychloroquine. Only if the situation worsens is it necessary to use heparin in order to liquify the blood.
Thanks to these drugs, the number of people admitted to intensive care units is decreasing. In fact, millions of euros have been spent unnecessarily to increase ICU places.


Indeed, there is no need of vaccination: the cure already exists. And some Italian virologists, like professor Giulio Tarro, left, say that the lock down is completely useless, because coronavirus is not so dangerous and lethal as MSM told us: an authentic scamdemic!
But globalists are fighting to hide all of this from the people and MSM, which are totally corrupt, and continue to spread fear and attack those who dare to say the truth.
The problem is that Italian economy is collapsing.  Many activities will not reopen and many others will fail later because of social distancing.
In view of the next tourist season, which is fundamental for the economy, many hotels, restaurants, bars, residences etc … will not reopen at all, not because they lack the liquidity to do it but because there will be no customers because of social distancing.
This means that hundred of thousands of seasonal workers, such as waiters, bartenders, cooks etc … will be out of work and out of money.
 In addition many people, who for two months have been made unable to work and to earn, clearly will not pay taxes.
The Italian welfare system, like the whole economy, will collapse. Pensions will be reduced and many civil servants laid off. And if the traitors in Italian government will approve the ESM, it will be even worse.
The social integrity of the country is at risk and very likely chaos will soon spread everywhere.


The project of the Committee of 300, for which Italy was to be de-industrialized, is close to a completion. Like Greece, one can fear that many fundamental Italian infrastructures, such as ports, airports, dams, lands, coasts, etc… will be bought by the Chinese. 
Italian leftist globalists are notoriously very close to Chinese Communist Party, as well as the Democratic Party in USA. 
Coronavirus must be considered as a geopolitical weapon too. The risk is that Italy, which has always been fundamental for controlling the Mediterranean Sea, can switch from American control to the Chinese one.
It is unthinkable that US can accept such a geopolitical reversal. The stakes are huge. In fact, Trump and Pompeo have already said that American government is ready to help Italy by buying Italian bonds through the FED.
Moreover, several Russian military specialists have got to Bergamo, the Italian city most stricken by the virus, in order to help local doctors. Consider that this is more than strange.
Italy is a NATO member and it is impossible that those Russian military experts could have had the permission to arrive to Italy from the Italian government. Without an approval by the White House that wouldn’t have been possible.
So it means that Putin and Trump talk to each other. It also means that Italy is today the theater of an invisible battle between the most powerful forces in the world: Russia, USA, China, United Nations, World Health Organization, globalist billionaires, European Union, Vatican, Jesuits, Masonry, Bildenberg Group, etc…
All of those forces are now secretly battling in Italy. Impossible to say how it will finish. The only think I know is that the next future for all Italian people will be harder than ever.
So we need you to pray for us.
Also by Paolo- Italy — Vaccinated Area is Worst Hit 
We wish Paolo  Happy Birthday!
First Comment from CC-
.In “The Conspirators’ Hierarchy: the Committee of 300“, (1992) John Coleman said the first two targets of the Illuminati are US and Italy: the first because US is the most powerful and richest nation in the World; the second for its long Catholic tradition and its central place in western civilization.
Until the 80’s, Italy was the fourth economy in the World. Only US, Japan and Germany were more powerful.
Massimo writes-
I agree with Paolo, Italy is a geopolitical battlefield and the virus was planned and released for an agenda.
The only logical reason for a fixed pattern is that it was massively released so, after peaking, it slows down until it fades away, lets say in a similar way a bioweapon works. The only State that reported zero coronavirus cases was Syria and the reason is quite simple: it’s called “no-fly zone”. Israel, US and the geoengineering global warming scam airplanes can’t fly over Syria so no virus there, it’s that simple, the infective agent was aerosolized because went global too quickly, about 2 weeks from the Italian outbreak that now is basically over (R0 = 0,8).


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