Serious Covid ‘Vaccine’ Injuries Now On Full Display Across America

J@b injuries on display across the USA

Creativity prevails

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Raising public awareness

Billboards are appearing on the streets of America to display covid adverse events, deaths, and dangers of experimental gene therapy injections.

There’s even a billboard in New York Times Square.

Who are we?

We are The People sharing the truth and opposing censorship of mainstream media by going directly to the streets of the USA, crowdfunded and fueled by The People and for The People.

We are your outlet to come together and Raise Banners of Truth.

We raised over $370,000 in several months and have been able to put up over 170+ outdoor billboards across 30 states, 500+ indoor billboards, 30 bus benches, mobile digital trucks, and more!

Revealing government’s own data

The VAERS System is the Vaccine Adverse Reaction reporting system maintained by the CDC & FDA.

This data is being suppressed in mainstream media and to date, there are over 1 million adverse events reported.

We are displaying VAERS data on all types of media so The People can make a informed decision.

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Call to action

Novel ways are being created to legally and peacefully oppose tyranny, defeat censorship, preserve our humanity and freedom.

Let’s spread the truth in our communities and share creative endeavors in other countries world-wide. TY!


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