Saving Canada From the Totalitarian Tyranny of “Queen Justine”

Dear Canadian Constitutional Challenge:

I found out about your case from Robert Morningstar’s newsletter and if I understand it correctly you have the knockout punch against this tyranny as long as you proceed correctly. Hopefully those cc’d will offer your their pro bono advice as I am doing.

A few years ago I presented a CCC (Canadian Constitutional Challenge) to an illegal CRA billing for $8,000 arguing from Charter S7 and I won. This had dragged on for six years of stress and what I would call harassment from CRA and DOJ demanding payment. This was Charter S7 “unreasonable seizure” and likewise the Governments of BC and Canada are engaged in unreasonable seizure of the bodies of men, women and children of Canada.

The Charter leaves the matter of what is being seized wide open so it could be your money or your body. I did not defend myself out of vanity but rather practicality.

Even if I had won in court the cost of lawyers would have made it a futile victory. I simply presented the FACT that I could have derived income (as in “Income Tax Act”) from the financial instrument because I did not qualify, could not possibly benefit and I had bought it by mistake and nobody had even hinted at an attempted fraud.

CRA kept insisting that I pay income tax on a fantasy income.

For six years I was shaking my head in disbelief at this “Crazy Land” of governance which required that I accept such obvious “gaslighting.”

I was being forced to accept their madness as reality and pay real tax money for unreal income. But that was old normal of insanity and now you are dealing with the ultimate in mad governance.

That is the “warp speed” insanity launched by Donald Trump and his neocons best illustrated here by the “Mad Max Party” of Canada aka Neocons North. Pardon me for being an old school liberal democrat who even supported Trudeau I (PBUH) for a while and that included his use of the War Measures Act when the FLQ started murdering their opponents.

FACT is on your CCC side and it is even better than “smoking guns” because this is REPEATABLE FACT.

Do not get distracted by the oceans of disinformation about what has happened in the “Covid Era.” Courts are overburdened and judges hate the wasting of time and limited resources.

Even corrupt judges cannot ignore repeatable facts because you have the official transcripts and you can use them to present obvious corruption to the “Court of Public Opinion” verbatim. With all due respect to Quinta Columna, Dr. Young and others, IMHO, the best presentation of the repeatable FACTS, which cause “vaccine hesitancy” in MP Wagantall is Dr Nagase’s microscopy-spectrometry analysis for Western Standard.

I would like to see his next step in this ongoing work for Dr. Ruby’s show or Stew Peters with a critical review of it by Team Enigma. An honest witness like Dr Nagase will welcome cross examination. The main issue has to do with what I as a layman call “POISONING” of the bodies of Canadians illegally seized for chemical roulette experimentation which may lead to the profound tragedy, which struck Ross Wightman. I define poisoning in terms of chemicals, objects or substances which “should not be there.

The objects in the Nagase presentation for profiling of chemical elements can be described by many words from extraordinary to disturbing and bizarre if someone does not like the word “poison”.

Will the Americans and their current Resident in the White House send his friends at Pfizer, Moderna and J&J to a court in Canada for countering your presentations by saying they SHOULD be there?

Will Dr. Bonnie Henry or BC Coroner of VCH come to the rescue of Fauci’s’s warp speed?

Make my day.

The first land mine you have to dodge is the dismissal of your whole case by saying this is only a matter of “normal side effects” as found in almost every medication.

A poisoning effect caused by extraordinary, disturbing, bizarre contents is NOT a “side effect.”

The normal side effects of some foods are called food allergies and they do not constitute food poisoning. If I eat a can of correctly labelled Planters peanuts knowing I have a nut allergy, Planters is not culpable in poisoning me. If Planters adds unlabeled graphite or graphene which appears in the microscope as those extraordinary, disturbing, bizarre contents that is called food poisoning.

Bureau Veritas assayers send me spectrometry results on organic and inorganic carbon. The inorganic carbon objects, which Dr Nagase, Dr Young and others discover, are accompanied not by the normal profile of elements in organic substances, but by metallic substances, which should not be present.

My first peer-reviewed publication was a 1969 Psychonomic Science paper and it was about learning effects from a magnesium compound which Abbott Pharmaceuticals had published on earlier, claiming that it could modify the DNA so I would remind Dr. Nagase that it is not only “reverse transcriptase” which has been advanced as a DNA modifier.

Also further to law professor Boyle’s thesis that related neocon illegal bioweapon experimentation goes back to the Reagan era, it would not surprise me if Senator Johnson were to discover a woeful array of metallic poisons experimentally and criminally inserted into medications ever since that era (and before). Neocons North and South will not demand a repudiation by Trump before reinstating him in 2024.

Refer to my latest Bitchute video at AIETBIBLE:

and picture those American or Canadian uniformed soldiers coming to your place of work or home as in the video clip to maim and murder you in Anthony Fauci’s W.H.O./NIAID/FDA/CDC warped speed way.

Canadian Health Minister Duclos had put “smash and jab” on the table of political discourse just before the Freedom Convoys went to Ottawa and Premier Ford had put it forward early in the fraudulent pandemic “emergency”. Stats Canada says INCONCLUSIVE for excess deaths of 2020 over 2019 due to a virus-caused pandemic. This was CRIMINAL FRAUD by Canadian governance.

Graphite/graphene + polymetallics can be proven again and again and again by 100 scientists from around the world.

How many repeats does the court want for your CCC? If the court does not judge them to be poisons what does it want to call them?

Your Covid Constitutional Challenge has to do with Charter S7. i.e., genocidal seizure of the bodies of Canadian men, women and children under duress and criminally fraudulent deception, thus violating their Charter S7 rights to security and robbing them of their lives when poisoning by “chemical roulette” leads to maiming and murder.

That is what the Prime Minister and Premiers have been doing to Canadians.

That sums up your case in layman’s wording and I would welcome any improvement in a short sentence.

Dr. Franklin W. Poley

Retired Psychologist

You can also see my statement of “profile of poisons” on State of the Nation under Freewheeling Franklin. I started my career with an MSc. degree and an interest in chemical learning which is why I published the paper on magnesium pemoline in 1969 so I am very much attuned to what Dr Young is doing, as well as, Dr Nagase.

Side effects of magnesium pemoline include seizures, aplastic anemia, ototoxicity, N/V, abdominal pain, headache, rash, insomnia, drowsiness, irritability, Tourette’s syndrome, dyskinesia, and elevated LFTs.

I suggest following Dr. Jane Ruby’s Bitchute Channel (Click the link below):

Dr. Jane Ruby Exposes the mRNA “Clot Shot”

as well as Dr Young’s WWW for breakthroughs. This whole monstrosity is about to collapse and it may happen first right here in BC.

Also for networking I wondered if the BC psychologists Doak Shirreff represented successfully are linked to CCC or could be in future. The more the merrier as they say.

I will mention that Dr. Young is a microbiologist and naturopath who also has a rare degree, an MSc in colloidal chemistry. Colloidal chemistry is a field whose time has come, if you pardon the cliche, but I suspect some of those bizarre graphene/graphite assemblies are a colloidal phenomenon from controlling charged atoms and molecules as part of new developments in microelectronics.

Composed by Dr. Franklin W. Poley

Edited by Robert D. Morningstar

Readers may contact the CCC <CovidConstitutionalChallenge > via email @

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