Ukraine SINKS Russian Rescue Ship on Black Sea (Photo)

Hal Turner Radio Show

The Russian Black Sea Fleet Rescue Tug “Vasily Bekh” has been hit by Ukrainian-launched missiles and SUNK.

The vessel was struck by two Harpoon anti ship missiles, a U.S. produced weapons system, manufactured by McDonnell Douglas.

The 187 foot long ship sank within 18 seconds of being hit.

At least ten (10) Russian sailors are dead, 23 others are wounded.

Video, below, was taken by a Bayraktar Drone operated by the Ukraine military, shows the two missiles striking from the left, and the ship going under almost immediately after the explosions:

The assault on the Vasily Bekh Rescue tugboat was first announced on the official Twitter account of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, and a few minutes later a video showing the assault was posted on social media.


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