WOW! Biden Regime Hires Arch-Neocon Zionist Michael Chertoff to Lead Disinformation Board

Submitted by Harold Saive

WOW! Biden Regime Hires Michael Chertoff to Lead Disinformation Board – Previously Targeted Gateway Pundit and Breitbart – Another Hunter Biden Laptop Truther

By Jim Hoft
Published May 19, 2022

The Biden regime announced on Wednesday they hired Michael Chertoff, another Hunter Biden laptop truther to lead the government’s Disinformation Board. Chertoff has worked as an attorney at Covington & Burling. Chertoff is the co-author of the Patriot Act that allowed the federal government to spy on its citizens.

Michael Chertoff was a board member of a website Alliance for Securing Democracy that claimed it was tracking Russian disinformation during the Trump years. Its real purpose is to smear websites supportive of Donald Trump and his accomplishments as Russian propaganda.

In this venture, Chertoff and his colleagues labeled The Gateway Pundit and Breitbart as top Russia disinformation websites because we did not believe the media lies on the Trump-Russia collusion hoax.

In the end, The Gateway Pundit was right and Michael Chertoff was caught pushing lies.

Now Chertoff will lead Biden’s Ministry of Truth.

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