Are You Seriously Going to Take a Covid Syringe For These People?

Editor’s note: This list of cabalist Jews was pulled out of the article: Makow — Organized Jewry is Essentially Organized Theft.

Cabalist Jews Playing Key Roles In The COVID GENOCIDE:

June 21, 2022

Larry Fink (CEO of BlackRock which bought controlling interest in Pfizer in 2019);

Rob Kapito (President of BlackRock which bought controlling interest in Pfizer in 2019);

Mortimer Joseph Buckley (CEO of Vanguard);
Rochelle Walensky (Director of CDC);
Anne Schuchat (Deputy Director of CDC);
Sherri A Berger (Chief of staff of CDC);
Mitchell Wolfe (Chief “medical” officer of CDC);
Jeff Reczek (Director of Washington Office of CDC);
Stanley Erck (CEO and president of Novavax);
Serge Weinberg (Independent director of Sanofi (formerly Hoechst));
Stéphane Bancel (CEO of Moderna);

Tal Zaks (Chief “medical” officer of Moderna, vaccine creator);
Emma Walmsley (CEO of Glaxo Smith Kline);
Drew Weissman (Pioneer in the development of mRNA vaccines);
Albert Bourla (Chairman and CEO of Pfizer);
Michael Dolsten (Chief “scientific” officer of Pfizer);
Sally Susman (Executive vice president and Chief corporate affairs officer of Pfizer);
Alex Gorsky (CEO of Johnson & Johnson);
Pascal Soriot (CEO of AstraZeneca);
Xavier Becerra (Secretary of US department of “Health” and Human “Services”);
Alex Azar (Secretary of US department of “Health” and Human “Services”);
Rachel Levine (Assistant secretary of US department of “Health”, cross-dressing pervert);
Jeffrey Zients (COVID “czar” to Bolshevik-Zionist Biden);
Andy Slavitt (COVID senior “advisor” to Bolshevik-Zionist Biden);
Jonas Salk (Eugenicist, inventor of the genocidal polio “vaccine”);
Alejandro Mayorkas (Secretary of Homeland “Security”);
Andy Slavitt (Senior “Advisor” to the COVID (Magic Virus) “Response” “Coordinator”);
Anne Neuberger (Deputy National “Security” “Advisor” for Cyber and Emerging Technology);
Annie Petsonk (Assistant Secretary of Transportation for Aviation and International “Affairs”);
Antony Blinken (Secretary of “State”);
Avril Haines (Director of National “Intelligence”);
David Cohen (Deputy Head of the Central Lack-Of-Intelligence Agency (CIA));
David Kessler (Chief “Science” Officer of the COVID (Magic Virus) “Response” Team);
Douglas Emhoff (the next “First Lady”? Husband of Kamala Harris);
Elena Kagan (Supreme Court “Justice”);
Jeffrey Zients (COVID (Magic Virus) “Response” “Coordinator”);
Kamala Harris (next US president? Harris told one camera she celebrated Hanukkah as a child);
Merrick Garland (US Attorney General);
Ron Klain (White House Chief of Staff);
Sonia Sotomayor (Supreme Court “Justice”);
Stephen Breyer (Supreme Court “Justice”);
Victoria Nuland (Undersecretary of State for Political “Affairs”);
Wendy Sherman (Deputy Secretary of “State”);

The people on that list above who are operating under the color of law backed with enormous amounts of “fairy dust” magic money have now decided that 6 month old infants and older will receive 2 and 3 Covid injections:

We will see how far this goes:
The evidence and statistics continue to be compiled on the results these injections are having on the population:
Is it possible cabalist Jews make great Nazis? We think so.

Fourth Reich Rising: “Little Hitlers” Thesis – Part One

They have certainly overreached on the profitability off the medical front:

Jews and Their Long History of Hysteria and Overreach

We can see from the list maintained at this site that the premier news source in the world is the BBC and this media source is also controlled by Jews. Of course, the media is a psychological weapon used to deliberately suck your energy out of you by keeping you locked into a simulacrum of death, confusion, mayhem and chaos the media provides. When you are psychologically dependent on the media for your “news” (psychological conditioning) a collective resonant frequency is established that is used to control and vector your energy and thoughts.
It is actually Jewish power and influence not easily recognized inside US institutions and corporate organizations that approve Israeli airstrikes:
Who is Ukraine’s Zelensky answering to? The Pentagon and the US or Israel? Most sources will confirm the losses the Ukrainian military are taking are appalling.


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