Social Media Trolls Like This Must Be Exposed Like Never Before

Martin Geddes is the most dangerous type of Neocon Zionist frontman.

No one gets 141,000 Twitter followers unless they are given to them by the Zionist cyber-dictators who really own and operate the tyrannical technocracy (see the screenshot of Geddes’ Twitter page below).

Just look at the kind of ridiculous tripe (read: absurd hopium) Martin Geddes routinely disseminates to his crowd that is utterly addicted to hope porn.  They still don’t get that only We the People can take back the country from those who stole it from US.

So, we’re supposed to believe that Trump is purposely keeping these dangerous globalists — Fauci and Birx — in their pivotal positions as thousands are killed, millions are made jobless, and the economy is destroyed more every week.


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