“Francis Bergoglio is an invalid Pope for his heresies”

Dear Editors,

We send you a video letter (attached), wherein we provide a historical overview of the election of the Bishops of Rome and deal with the question of legitimate and illegitimate Popes in connection with the current crisis in the Catholic Church.
We would like to ask you to publish this video letter.

Thank you in advance.

Yours respectfully,

Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

BCP: From the history of the papal elections, heresies and schism

video: bcp-video.org/heresies-and-schism/

The form of election of the Pope has varied throughout history:

1) The right of designation: The living Pope appointed his successor. An example is the Apostle Peter, who ordained his successors Clement, Linus and Cletus as the Bishops of Rome. This practice was restored by Pope Symmachus in 499. The designation was practised during the election of Felix IV (526-530), Boniface II (530-532), Vigilius (537-555).

2) The Pope was elected by the clergy and the people: In his Letter to Antonianus, St Cyprian writes about Pope Cornelius: “He was elected Pope by the testimony of most of the clergy, by the vote of the people, with the consent of aged priests and of good men.” So the whole Christian community took part in the election. This was the prevailing practice in the first three centuries.

3) The Pope was chosen by the Theophylact family: The papacy was left entirely at the mercy of the Roman patrician Marozia. John X (914-928), Leo VI (928), Stephen VII (928-931) and John XI (931-935), who was Marozia’s own son, owe their election to her. Her second son Alberic II (932-954) later also named several Popes. He saw to it that his depraved 18-year-old son Octavian was elected Pope, adopting the title of John XII (955-964).

4) The Pope is elected by cardinals: Nicholas II issued the papal election decree in 1059. The cardinal bishops were to consult each other first and select a suitable candidate. Then they had to invite the clergy to decide and finally seek the consent of the common Roman people. So it was not only the cardinals who voted, but they also needed the consent of the clergy and the people.

5) The Pope was proclaimed by the people

This was how Gregory VII (1073-1085) was elected. At the funeral of the previous Pope, the crowd shouted, “Let Hildebrand be our Pope!” There was such strong pressure from the people that, contrary to ecclesiastical law and customs, this monk became Pope.

A similar election took place in 236. In the temple where the papal election was to take place, a dove suddenly descended from heaven on Fabian’s head. All the people exclaimed enthusiastically and with one voice, “Worthy (axios)!” The people seized this Christian and installed him as Bishop of Rome.

6) The Pope is elected by cardinals but in fact under the influence of powerful dynasties

At a later time, the papal election was strongly influenced by the powerful Colonna and Orsini families.

Today, the entire Bergoglian Vatican is ruled by Masons. These men in aprons with the emblem of the compass use various ecclesiastical procedures to pursue their goals, including the election of a Pope.

7) Extraordinary election

Extraordinary conditions require an extraordinary method of election to enable the election of a true Pope instead of a heretic or a person subject to the system of Masonic domination.

The current regulations, which stipulate that only a cardinal can be elected Pope, are not a dogma of the Church.

It is also important to know that the Church is built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets (Eph 2:20). When the human structure starts the process of self-destruction, God in His providence intervenes in the papal election in an unusual way. This is what happened on 14 October 2019, when the Eastern Church celebrates the Feast of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God. After mature deliberation and prayers, eight bishops of the Eastern rite elected and proclaimed a valid Pope. In today’s situation, the entire morally corrupt Vatican system no longer offered any hope of choosing a true Pope, and Francis Bergoglio is an invalid Pope for his heresies. The elected Archbishop has not yet publicly accepted the election, but has not rejected it either.



Church history has seen a number of schisms. Let us have a look at some of them:

1) The Acacian Schism, due to the heresy of Monophysitism, since the time of Pope Felix II (483-492)

2) The Great Schism of 1054 and the emergence of Orthodoxy

3) The Protestant Schism of 1521 and the rise of Protestantism

A distinction must be made between a schismatic who has separated himself from the visible Pope and a heretic who has separated himself from Christ. A schismatic may be saved, but a hardened heretic cannot.

The Second Vatican Council, with its coded heresies, has set Catholics on a false path that does not lead to salvation. Bergoglio’s synodal journey consequently leads to the foundation of one New Age anti-Church – the synagogue of Satan. It will create a false unity among pagans, satanists and Catholic and non-Catholic apostates. All those who do not love the truth will unite in this anti-Church.

On the other hand, all those who seek the truth, be they Catholics or non-Catholics, are united in Christ. They are opposed to the system of globalization, gender ideology, human digitization, dangerous vaccination, chipping and satanization.

Legitimate and illegitimate Popes

The first illegitimate Pope was the martyr Hippolytus (217-235), and after him there were Novatian (251-258) and Ursinus (366-367). A special period of history is the dual papacy. One Pope was in Rome, the other in Avignon. Although Christianity had experienced the struggle between Popes and Antipopes several times before, the disputes never lasted so long and it never was so unclear where and who the true Pope was. Both of them had the support of well-known saints. Europe was divided; some recognized one, some the other. Ironically, it was not until the heresy of Conciliarism was addressed at the Council of Constance (1414-1418) that the schism was overcome by the election of Martin V.

Why did the divisions occur? They were a call to repentance, especially due to the worldly life of prelates. However, they did not repent. It ultimately led to the Protestant schism initiated by Martin Luther a hundred years after the period of three Popes.

At present, we find ourselves in an absurd situation. Today, to separate from Bergoglio, who occupies the papal throne, is not a schism, because so-called Francis is an archheretic. He does not want to leave office, so a true Catholic faithful to Christ must leave Bergoglio and Bergoglianism.

From the point of view of history, we also evaluate the current Church. It has never been the case throughout history that the head of the Church systematically destroys the basic pillars of faith and morality and converts Catholics en masse, under the guise of obedience, not to Orthodoxy or Protestantism, but to Satanism! It involves the privileging of gender ideology, LGBTQ agenda, Pachamama idolatry and same-sex marriage. This is no longer the true Catholic Vatican; this is the spiritual Babylon, the harlot of the antichrist! It consistently eliminates the last remnants of the true faith, which is the condition of salvation.

The Church of Christ cannot be headed by an arch-heretic and his successors, although the Masonic brothers would easily ensure their election according to Bergoglio’s motto – fratelli tutti! They already de facto control the Vatican and the papal elections. After Bergoglio leaves, there is either option A, i.e. Bergoglio’s successor following in his footsteps, or option B, i.e. an outwardly true Pope who will legalize Bergoglio’s decay. But there is also another option. Scaring the faithful with the thought of schism is nothing else than manipulating them into being afraid to separate from apostasy. Man’s goal is to save the soul, not to remain in a structure which has visibly betrayed Christ and His teachings and which is under God’s curse, anathema (see Gal 1:8-9). If the option is realized in an extraordinary way with a Pope who will oppose the heresies of Bergoglianism, sincere Catholics will have a way out. But they must be ready for persecution and martyrdom.

The American continent offers great hope, because Europe has already been poisoned by German heretics who have lost their minds and are promoting sodomite marriage. This German religious fascism has also promoted the heresies of the Second Vatican Council. We are now reaping the fruits.

We call on the Catholic bishops and priests of the United States and all the states of Central and South America: Strive for a true reform! Separate yourselves from Bergoglio and his apostate synodal journey and recognize a true Pope who will ensure a revival process on the American continent. The revival will then extend to other continents.

Sincere Catholics are in danger of succumbing to the demagoguery of Auxiliary Bishop Schneider, who ostensibly condemns heresies but promotes the heretic Bergoglio as the visible head of the Church. He influences especially the priests of the Society of St Pius X. In reality, however, he is in direct conflict with its founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was the first to clearly oppose the heretical Council. Vatican II has also been clearly condemned by the former US nuncio, Carlo Maria Viganò. Schneider, by contrast, speaks only of cosmetic changes, but adamantly defends the Council.

What did Abp Lefebvre say about the Council? We refuse and have always refused to follow the Rome of neo-Modernist tendencies which were clearly evident in the Second Vatican Council and, after the Council, in all the reforms which issued from it.”

We draw on history and the current situation, and call on all sincere Catholics to pray. Let us pray the Holy Rosary daily, if possible from 8 to 9pm. Let us pray in unity for the intention of the true Catholic Pope and for the bishops of the American continent to take a step of faith to save the Church.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

28 June 2022

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