Here’s an excellent breakdown of the July 4th parade mass shooting.

Comment Posted by Mista Ed

In our managed and mediated reality, there is no way for us to know whether this was a real guy shooting real bullets into real people, or just an elaborate stage production, or something in between. You and I will not see any hard evidence, because that has been vacuumed up by the FBI.

However, if you study CIA/Government mind management projects of the past 40 years or so, (Operation Gladio, MK-Ultra, Mockingbird etc.) it becomes clear that this is just another government operation. The CIA has been scooping up and molding mentally challenged losers since the late 1970’s specifically for use as mind controlled killers. If you could look into his psych records, I’ll bet all the markers are there. Abusive relatives, dissociative mental states with multiple personalities, heavy drug use, doctors with CIA connections, unaccounted for time lasting minutes to years.


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