Is someone targeting Western leaders for TERMINATION?!

Laramie, Wyoming
July 8, 2022

Is Putin Targeting Western Leaders: “It’s About To Get Very Interesting!”

by Rich Scheck

Leave it to Joseph P. Farrell, with his high octane speculations, to sense something important in a little noticed news story:

Shortly after posting his article about the possible message embedded in a recent speech by Putin that suggests the Russian president is targeting Western leaders, one of them, former Japanese Prime Minister Abe, meets his demise.

Is there a connection here? I would suggest the answer might be yes, with Abe being a throw-away, old guard representative of the dying world order that Putin is intent on displacing as his speeches have indicated for years:

“the ruling elite of some Western states seem to be harboring this kind of illusions. They refuse to notice obvious things, stubbornly clinging to the shadows of the past. For example, they seem to believe that the dominance of the West in global politics and the economy is an unchanging, eternal value. Nothing
lasts forever.”

Interesting indeed. The war has morphed into an urban renewal project with Zelensky asking (demanding?) close to a trillion dollars to rebuild Ukraine. (It’s a mini WW2 with nuclear weapons apparently deterring the fighting from getting out of hand and going global….so far!!)

The post Ukraine war world will see some form of Global Reset whether it will be the Davos, Transhumanist one; the OBOR/Bunting Cloverleaf version; the continuation of the West’s hegemony; an updated UN a la DWF or some other as yet to be expressed plan for the future.

Although nothing Farrell wrote explains the sudden resignation of UK Prime Minister
Boris Johnson, perhaps in some way, he got the message and picked up the vibe sent out
by Putin to get out of Dodge before it’s too late.

Here’s my version that was blocked by those exhibiting Trump Derangement Syndrome:

So as Farrell reminds us, stay tuned: “it’s about to get VERY interesting!”

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