Moderna re-formulated their booster with NO safety testing or FDA approval

From Jim Stone:

Moderna re-formulated their booster

There was no safety testing done and it is not FDA approved, but it is being issued.

So we are all going to accept a shot for a pandemic that quite literally was not, – a shot that is now known to tweak DNA to whatever someone else wants? Even without the creepy vein clogging stuff that is not clots, even without all the deaths, let alone from myocarditis – even without seeing a lot of people change personally after the shot, I say that’s a NO. 

FACT: There are no clinical trials anymore. Moderna/Pfizer do not have to have them anymore, an exemption was written on June 28. Which means a whole lot, too much to say, including, if you accept their shots you get a darwin award.
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