Ruins of Azov Steel Works Display Nazi Insignia and Signs of NATO Support

Submitted by Harold Saive

Ruins of Azov Steel Factory Display Nazi Insignia and Signs of NATO Support
By Sonja Van den Ende – July 8, 2022

Owner of plant, Rinat Akhmetov, is allegedly connected to organized crime

[This article is written by a reporter embedded in Ukraine with the Russian army. We believe that if people want to understand the war in Ukraine, they need to read widely about it, from different perspectives, including the Russian one, to try and discern the truth about what is going on for themselves.—Editors]

The Azov Steel factory was an important propaganda tool of the Western media since the Azov Battalion occupied the factory in March this year. In the official narrative, there were “good fellows” inside the factory, defending Mariupol and its citizens. The “good fellows” surrendered last May 2022.

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