Here’s how they are stealthily starving one country at a time…..

Submitted by GA

Pay Attention Here…..this is OUR Future:

Folks this is OUR future.
Cow manure fertilizer was BANNED last year in Sri Lanka , resulting in STARVATION this year.  The people REVOLTED and ran their corrupt Leader out of the Country.  Bravo!
Now this is the dangerous part, that the People of Sri Lanka need to be CAREFUL about: WHO is taking over their country as a result?  Communists???  Communists want to take over the country, and this revolt and crisis, might be just the “excuse” used to usher in full communism.
Just say NO to communism!!!
Instead FREEZE ALL the assets of ALL corrupt Politicians NOW, and buy the food and fuel needed to restart their countries economy, and execute these corrupt politicians as an example to other would be corrupt politicians.
Sri Lanka banned nitrogen ‘pollutant’ fertilizer last year.
The result was 100% of the crops failing, leading to other disasters, starvation and the country imploding (the current crisis.)
Nitrogen fertilizer is manure based, and the globalists say it is ‘polluting’, because banning carbon dioxide (which makes plants grow) is not sufficient.   <<<sadly, this Sky News coverage slants this news development as a BAD thing, when in fact it is the RIGHT thing to do, the ONLY thing to do for these people to survive.  Cut off the head of the SNAKE, and take back your country from these communist criminals!
More here……Albanian people are protesting too along with the Netherlands Farmers.  All of them revolting from this LUNACY that cows are destroying our planet!  Stuck out tongue winking eye
When will Americans wake up???  When we are OUT of food and fuel too??
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