#Scamdemic – Are We Headed for Recovery or Dystopia?

We are caught between two competing scenarios:  
1) return to something resembling “normal” and 
2) a descent into a dystopia
of mandatory vaccines and digital tattoos.


By Henry Makow PhD 

 1) The stock market is betting on a V-shaped recovery. The #scamdemic will end with the flu season, lockdowns will end and normality will return. Naturally, we hope this is the case.
However it makes no sense for the Illuminati to wreak so much havoc and suffering only to return to normal, unless this is a dry run for something even worse.
The Illuminati have the sheeple eating out of their hand. Why wouldn’t they press their advantage to perpetuate their pet projects like mass vaccinations, digital passports and “global governance.”?
A mother is arrested for refusing to leave a park with her children.  Fines for feeding the homeless? Repeat these gratuitous, ridiculous orders a million times world over to realize that the #scamdemic is about CONTROL. It is about a world police state.
The Rothschilds have all the money in the world. Now they  want total control.    Tech companies are developing social distancing tools.   They have drones that can monitor a person’s temperature and coughing.  They can “quarantine” anyone they like.


They also want to deindustrialize us according to Agenda 2030. Are they likely to give up their advantage by allowing a return to normality?
2.  Normally a country is conquered by an invading army. We have been conquered by a lie generated by the Illuminati controlled mass media. In other words, by virtue of a sleight of hand, they took over the mind of the population who then collaborated in its own self destruction.
In order to do this, Western society had to be conquered already. Virtually every sector that helped to perpetrate this hoax has been subverted. Medicine. Government. Mass Media. Business. Education. Justice. The military. With a few rare exceptions, American politicians are criminals, installed by the central bankers. The proceeds of crime are the payoff for treason.
This death wish is administered by Organized Jewry and Freemasonry which is Jewish Cabalism (Satanism) for goyim.  This societal cancer now manifests as this #scamdemic.


By virtue of handing our banking system over to people who want to destroy us, our society is already Communist (i.e. central banker controlled.) Our society is already dedicated to self destruction.  That’s why an audacious, largely unquestioned hoax has been enough to give the economy a stroke, heart attack and nervous breakdown all-in-one.
3. The real objective of war is not political or territorial. The real purpose of war is to wreak havoc, suffering, death and destruction. The war is just a pretext. Our adversaries are Satanists.
Similarly, the #scamdemic is a war against society. Its real purpose is the same as a fighting war.  Although billions of people are suffering, we don’t hear much in the msm about these individual tragedies. The pensioner confined to his apartment for months on end. The parents who lost their jobs and can’t feed their children. The millions of small businesses and restaurants going bankrupt. 2/3 of US restaurant workers have lost their jobs.
There is a cognitive dissonance. Constant hysteria about the threat. Comparatively little on the grim human consequences.  We aren’t supposed to realize that we’re the target. Incalculable worldwide suffering and degradation are the real purpose. 


“The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are their wolves.  …And you know what happens when the wolves get hold of the flock.”   (Protocols of Zion 8)
We find it difficult to understand that we’re hated for no reason, that the Cabalist bankers
want to destroy us. 
Sheep in the abattoir stockyard probably feel the same way.
We pray for an end to this nightmare, and that this is not just the beginning.


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