Did Ivana die from the Covid jab as part of an assassination plot to coerce Donald not to run?!


Ms Trump’s health quickly deteriorated over the last year or so, three people told The Sun Friday morning.
A doorman on her street, who wished to remain anonymous, said she wasn’t the same after her fourth ex-husband Rossano Rubicondi died in October 2021.
“She used to always wear high heels and walk straight up,” he said. “After he died, she didn’t come out as much. She wore flats and walked hunched over with a cane.”
During the Christmas season, neighbors were used to Ms Trump’s decorations and seeing her in front of her home.
But that didn’t happen last Christmas, her neighbor, Ruth Randall, said.
“I haven’t seen her in more than a year,” Randall said. “She wasn’t outside this Christmas. I don’t think she even put up the same amount of decorations. I think it was something to acknowledge it was Christmas.”
Colavito said he noticed she didn’t look as healthy as years past but he didn’t want to pry into her life. He said he just wanted to make sure she was safe.
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