The Powers That Be have been canceling THIS for over 100 years…..

Two Critical Pieces of the Power Elite’s Puzzle

Dear SOTN Editor:

First, I want to make this perfectly clear: What follows below is not a ‘Religious’ text. What I personally believe, what any​ of us believe, is completely irrelevant in regards to this. This is what the ELITES believe & a Rite they have diligently performed for over a century.

What am I referring to? Something you at State of the Nation are likely already familiar with- Bohemian Grove. However, what disturbs me most is how few actually know about the dark rite that lies at its core.

Bohemian Grove has, to some degree, been in the Public knowledge for some time, as I’m sure you know, since roughly the 1970’s. But for whatever reason if you aren’t aware, it’s a yearly ‘festival’, that takes place in the Northern California woods. In its current state, around 2,000-3,000 of the most powerful and influential men in the world, attend. Its original beginnings are fairly innocuous, but for the last 100 years or so, it has become something else, something very, very dark.

I first learned about it in the late 90’s and in preparation for this, spent some time looking at what is being said about it online now. Not surprisingly whether by sloppy research, misinformation, or deliberate obfuscation, the darkest core of the event is mentioned only in passing, if at all. It is generally made out to be a silly bacchanalia, with middle-aged to older men, running around in drag and getting drunk. Part of the ritual, you see. So they don’t really mind that at all. Public humiliation is something they have to go through.

However, in the year 2000, Alex Jones (Yes, THAT Alex Jones) managed to sneak a hidden camera in and record the entire “Cremation of Care” opening ceremony. Now whether or not Mr. Jones is, or ever was, a legitimate truth seeker, whether or not what he says can be trusted, on any level, is irrelevant on this point. What he recorded was absolutely real. The fact that what really happens during it is hardly talked about at all, especially now, only solidifies that.

In this 2hr opening ceremony, in front of a 40ft Owl statue (said to be a representation of the Babylonian God, Molech), a play, of sorts is enacted. Narrated by the recorded voice of Walter Kronkite (yes, THAT Walter Kronkite, the, “Most trusted man in America” and what a joke he must have had with that one…) the attendees burn an effigy of someone they refer to as, ‘Dull Care’.

This performance, as I said, is 2hrs long. I am not going to go over everything about it that I remember. Ultimately, there is only one really key thing to know about this. Who is this, ‘Dull Care’ that they try to kill by fire every year?

Even a cursory listen of the event makes it perfectly clear-
The person they hate so much, that they try to banish from their lives with the vain declaration, “Midsummer Sets Us Free!”, at the end of the ritual, is none other than Jesus Christ of the Christian Bible.

That’s really it. That’s the most important thing about Bohemian Grove and the ‘Cremation of Care’ ceremony that you need to know. Every year, for around 100 years, 3,000 of the ‘greatest’ men in the world, try to kill Jesus of Nazareth, so that they can be about their ‘work’.

How plain does it have to be? To say this event is, ‘Satanic’, is just a bit of an understatement.

And no, no, these aren’t just ‘liberals’ here. Every political party you can think of has been and is represented there. A myriad of surface ideologies are represented there. The whole, ‘Right vs Left’ struggle is little more than a circus. Political Theater. The consequences for us schlubs can be very real, but world events & conflicts are definitely a game to them. A game they take as seriously as Sports Fans take a game, but, still, a game.

Again, I didn’t make this up. They take this ritual VERY seriously. To them, my own personal beliefs are unimportant & irrelevant, as are yours. However, coming to the realization that the most powerful people in the world believe Jesus Christ is evil & they are the heroic servants of Satan, probably comes with certain intellectual consequences.

This second topic is directly related to what goes on at Bohemian Grove.

There’s a great deal of background history I could put up regarding this, but that context isn’t required to get the main points.

In the 1940’s, the Occultist Alice Bailey, who started the ‘Lucifer Trust’ (later changed to Lucis Trust) publishing company, wrote a book called, “The Externalization of the Hierarchy.”

Supposedly dictated to her by her Spirit Guide, the book has some interesting material, but really there’s two main takeaways:

1.) She wrote that in the decades to come, many ancient secrets that had been hidden for centuries, would come out into the open. However, this knowledge would be released in such a way that the common man could process them. (Read- ‘Limited Hangouts’ & Misinformation.)

This has indeed happened. Starting in the 1970’s, but really taking off in the late 1990’s, the amount of people that are aware of Occult lore that used to be known to a very small group has increased dramatically. However, the main problem with how it’s been put out is that most consider it frivolous, silly, or pure entertainment. I highly doubt that was an accident.

2.) (And this is the big one.) One of the pieces of Occult knowledge that has become far more well known, is of course, the term, “New World Order”. Most people hadn’t heard it used until George Bush Sr. made his ‘New World Order’ speech on September 11th, 1990. I’m not going to get sidetracked on that date, but yes as many likely already know, there’s a Bunny Hole there you can hop down into if you wish.

So now, the term ‘NWO’ has reached mass exposure. Most people have heard of it. Many since the mid-twentieth century have known what a danger it poses. Now, after COVID & The Jab, a large portion automatically equate the NWO to the World Economic Forum. As is obvious to most here, many people are completely fed up & are more than ready to, say, switch the Voting Box for the Magazine Box. The motivation to do so is legitimate, I get it. However, before any move forward in any direction is made, as many people as possible need to know about what else Alice Bailey wrote about the NWO.

See, she said that there would not be just one New World Order, but TWO.

The first one would be created by the Elites & would exist for a time, but this one was designed to fail. It was created to cause worldwide revolt against it & during the struggle, her Occult ‘Christ’ would appear & lead the shellshocked & weary masses to victory & out of that chaos would come order. Her TRUE Utopian ‘New World Order’.

20ish years ago, this knowledge was available. It wasn’t very common, but if I could find it, anyone could. Now however, it’s extremely difficult to find anything about this on the ‘net.

However, the article linked below that you published in October, (As an aside, this article doesn’t show up on a Google Search. Go Figure.) directly​ address this plan. Though none of the terminology I used above is there, it’s blatantly obvious how, if true, it fits in perfectly with this, ‘Two NWO’s’ plan.

I appreciate the work you’ve done over the years. It’s vital that as many people as possible be made aware of both Bohemian Grove’s true purpose & the Two NWO plan.

Thank you for your time,


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