FAILED STATE! Germany Criminalizes Ukraine War Truth-Telling

Submitted by Harold Saive

Germany Criminalizes German Journalist, Alina Lipp, for Exposing Ukrainian War Crimes (Grayzone Video)

VIDEO:  Independent Donetsk-based journalist Alina Lipp of Germany speaks to Max Blumenthal about being prosecuted by the German state for violating new speech codes through her reporting in the breakaway Donetsk Republic.

As the only German reporter on the ground in Donetsk, Lipp has exposed Ukrainian forces shelling civilians, attacking a maternity ward, mining harbors, and bombing a granary filled with corn for export.

She faces three years in prison if she returns to Germany.

Her coverage of a market destroyed by Ukrainian forces caused German media to retract their initial lie that blamed the shelling on Russia.

She has been fined, with funds forcibly withdrawn from her bank account and prosecuted in absentia with up to 3 years in prison upon her return to Germany for reporting events that embarrass the cancel culture regime in Germany. 



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