We Move As One On July 23, 2022 — BE THERE!

We Move As One, July 23.22 stand with the farmers

World wide assembly

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Global call to action

2 mins 20 secs video


Slow roll global call to action July 23.22

People are uniting across the planet to defend the farmers including the truckers, so please search on line for assemblies in your area/country.

Across Canada https://standwithfarmers.info

Dutch Farmers Rebel: UN Agenda 2030 Is Behind Draconian AG Shutdown

The war on food in the Netherlands is spawned by the UN’s 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development, aka Technocracy. Controlling food, controls populations. Taking away fertilizer controls food. Dutch farmers recognize this and are fighting back; we need to support this important part of the resistance in every way possible. Famines kill.

The war on food is not a conspiracy theory. Don’t let anyone browbeat you with that nonsense. The UN has declared war on ranchers and farmers throughout the world. They have openly written about their hostility toward industrial farming and ranching, substituting other sources of protein such crickets and other insects. The Netherlands government bought the UN’s propaganda hook, line and sinker, and proceeded to demolish its own ag industry. This is a war against all humanity and will have devastating effects unless it is terminated immediately. ⁃ TN Editor


I will chronical ‘from agriculture to agribusiness’ in Part III of this series


UN 2030 Agenda’s Lust For Control Is Behind Global Energy Shortages

This article exemplifies the outcome of the UN’s war on energy, and Europe is going to experience the full effect of it with a cold winter, high energy prices and restricted food intake. There is NO shortage of energy anywhere on earth. All shortages are driven by the disingenuous policies of 2030 Agenda and sustainable development, aka Technocracy. Technocracy’s war on humanity is intensifying but is still not recognized by the vast majority of citizens who are affected by it.


UN announced WEF’s Klaus Schwab and UN Gen Sec signed an agreement to ‘accelerate’ Agenda 2030


Eating insects start-ups

If you don’t already read food labels to see if the ingredients are safe and or palatable, you may want to start.

Lately countries without the tradition of eating insects have started experimenting with insects and suddenly we have even more applications of the nutritious bugs.

The list was updated 2022-03-27 with 310 companies/brands on the list!


We need to support our farmers and one another

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