State of the Nation

The evolution of the end stages of totalitarianism is always the same:

The petty tyrants throughout the entire nation-state employ
prodigious amounts of fraud whenever and wherever they
think they can get away with it in order to stealthily implement
their nefarious agendas.

Then, when a critical mass of the populace is onto them,
they rapidly switch gears into the use of brute force; for
they know that it’s only a matter of time before the irate
citizenry resorts to torches and pitchforks, hammers and
clubs, axes and shovels.

That’s exactly where we are today, folks.

Which means it will soon be time to light the torch, grab the pitchfork and pick up the hammer … … … because these genocidal psychopaths and criminally insane sociopaths will not stop at anything.

For once a crazed tyrant has been found out, they will do whatever is necessary to stay in power and accrue even more power.  Once they know that we know practically every crime spree they have perpetrated (thanks to the Internet) and covered up, the perps only wait until the time when they see our righteous anger and undeterable resolve.

State of the Nation
July 24, 2022

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