Globalist Pope Francis goes all in with the utterly satanic Liberal World Order agenda

Dear Editors,
we make available to you our latest video letter concerning the Vatican’s promotion of criminal vaccination of children, and we point out its harmful consequences. We would like to ask you to publish this video letter.

Thank you in advance.

Yours respectfully,

Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

BCP: Vatican €20 coins and transgenic vaccination


We are witnessing a shocking event. The Vatican has started minting €20 coins to the glory of the vaccination of children! One side of the coin shows the coat of arms of Francis. The other side represents two persons and a boy ready to receive an injection, the three people wearing masks over their mouths. We can observe a crucifix hanging in the background suggesting that it is a Christian vaccination centre. This association of the Vatican with vaccine policy is shocking.

Pseudo Pope Francis is a fervent defender of vaccination against Covid. He was the first European state representative to institute the dismissal of unvaccinated employees.

This caricature printed on the 20 euro coin – man, woman and child – refers directly to the Holy Family. The pseudo Pope thus aims his vaccine propaganda at families to encourage them to have their children vaccinated! Would Mary and Joseph have Jesus vaccinated with an experimental and toxic product? No, never! Would they take the risk of killing Jesus? In NO way would they take the risk!

Preparing the compulsory vaccination of children is an evil work started by Pfizer in January 2021.

Data from the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics of 2021 show that children aged 10 to 14 who received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine had a 51 times higher risk of dying between January and October 2021 than those who were not vaccinated. Pseudo Pope Francis notoriously boycotts this appalling reality.

In France, without announcing it publicly, the authorities are preparing the experimental vaccination of children for the start of the 2022-2023 school year, as follows from the document of the highest health authority in France – La Haute Autorité de Santé.

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, microbiologist, warns that transgenic injections will replace conventional vaccines. France and other countries plan to include these dangerous products in the compulsory vaccination of children under 3! But that will be a greater calamity than the Great Flood! There will be a whole generation of genetically modified organisms, and the question is whether they will be able to have offspring at all, and if so, what kind. Now, all this is happening in line with the aims of the apostate Vatican.

The Vatican is promoting its evil strategy by taking up the manipulative arguments of Big Pharma. The Vatican has already become the seat of the “deep Church” and of collusion with the world grand masters.

That the Vatican was penetrated by opposing forces is obvious to Catholics. But that it openly accepts and promotes the current satanic ideology of evil shakes the world. The Vatican has abused supreme church power against children. Catholics, like filicides, will now lead their children to vaccination centres. And if anyone warns them about that, they will stupidly repeat like a mantra: “Don’t offend our Holy Father!”

In “The New Order of Barbarians”, Dr Richard Day says: “As soon as the Roman Catholic Church is down, the rest of Christendom will easily follow… Some will think that the Church will oppose all this, but in reality the Church will help us.”

Bishops, priests and lay people do not all share the same opinion on transgenic injections as the pseudo Pope. There is no doubt that the evil inoculation of children will further divide the bleeding Church.

We have quoted the facts from an informative article. The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate can only add the words of the Bible. God warns through the prophet Isaiah: “The leaders of (My) people have misled them. They have led them down the path of destruction!” (Isa 9:16)

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

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