Our Age of Delusional Grandiosity

By A Common Man

You too have likely noticed plenty political writers and commentators have claimed things seem to be getting crazier and crazier (or at least more chaotic). Well because they are compounding to a crazier chaos–and some of this is deliberate psychological warfare.

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Plus we also still live in The Age of Anxiety (and fear, paranoia, terrorism, etc.) as various authors have elaborated.

Frankly, there is little we can do about some of these realities, but sticking one’s head in the sand and claiming: “ignorance is bliss” is not the best answer in a world of real danger and real threats.

Awareness is essential for those who want to survive.

No need here to elaborate all the many issues that create this age of delusion, but decrepit and corrupt politicians running our country is of no help. Some have referred to our times as an age of mass psychosis.

MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

For example there has been much speculation as to the mental and moral constitution of Resident Joseph Biden. Has his cognitive faculties atrophied to a demential mush? Does he sometimes ‘play’ dumb and baffled or indifferent to caring about things he seemingly should care? Does he have a dark side of the joker or is he simply a comedic clown?

Perhaps he is a compilation of icons. How has five decades of politics got him to where he is today? With enough research on his past and stated stances, and with personal intuition, it is not hard to see his beguiling smile also has a hint of the hyena–such as when he is laughing off talking points he does not want to acknowledge.

Image: https://imgflip.com/i/59qivf

Past video sound bites have shown Joesph Biden to be cold and uncaring.

For Joe Biden, The Cruelty Is The Point | The Ben Shapiro

Certainly if very, very much seems he has engaged in criminal conspiracy? Has he not received illegal brides, in the spirit of Hilary Clinton?

But this man too is so compromised he could be forced to do pretty much anything (by those really pulling the strings) they deep state puppeteers want–no matter how egregious. How has America come to this low point of insanity?

Kamala Harris is so obviously unqualified for the power politics within the beltway it boggles the mind. She laughs so much exactly because she hides her embarrassment, not only at her naivete, but also for the fact the Democratic Party offers no sane talking points.

Meanwhile speaking of octogenarians, Nancy Pelosi is no longer competent enough to lead a nursing home residents’ complaint committee. Why do we have all these geriatric pill poppers running the American shitshow?


Over the last couple of years stress and frustration has created higher levels of alcoholism, drug abuse, people abuse, hostility between groups, blatant hatred, and yet few schools or athletic clubs seem to be advertising the fact that exercise is a great boost to mental health–why?

The chaos is directly connected to the psychological and economic warfare against the working middle class and those who believe in family values and religious traditions.

Suddenly we live in a world in which not even those who speak for science can be trusted, as many seemingly antithetical policies are being set up to destroy the viability of national cultures and economies.

More importantly why have so few people of the world not connected the Covid-19 Scare with the the:

1) World Economic Forum,
2) the United Nations’ Agenda 2030,
3) electronic passports as mechanisms for universal spying and control, and
4) the 4th Industrial Revolution, and not to mention
5) how it is mostly bankers, mega-corporations, and various globalist elite cabals who are behind all of this?

Humanity is once again being promised a ‘utopian’ compromise if only we masses would all consent to a One World Government run by the United Nations (which itself has been corrupted).

This grandiose agenda of United Nations / World Economic Forum world change is on a massive scale–starting with the elimination of carbon producing energy while browbeating paranoid minds with the forest-fire fear-mongering.

But for these self-decreed, secret society capitalist cabals, to get to their One World Government they first have to destroy faith in all nation states (nationalism) and especially all political power and culture of white people of the West, primarily white gentiles and their recalcitrant religions, that put God’s will above the will of men, or those idealogues who display independent allegiance to any notion of an ethnic heritage.

The concept of ‘nationalism’ has to be muddied to a prejudicial soundbite which equates it to racism, Neo-Nazism, or hatred of other in general. There is no such thing as a wholesome and healthy pride in any nation state, cultural ethnicity, or for reverence to a particular form of government that is not a multi-ethnic homogeneity of socialism obeisance (except maybe Israel).

Whereas anyone who thinks otherwise is labeled evil and deranged.

But knowing what we, the skeptical, know about the concentration often power into the few, we have every right to be more than suspicious (especially in this time when these same political megaphones are engaged in so much deceit and cultural war, such as vaccine warfare against the masses).

The World Economic Forum is financed mostly by big corporations and banks, and yet these Davos elites are trying to convince the masses around the world they have the common man’s interests in their hearts. Yet when in recorded history have the powerful and wealthy ever gave much of a damm about the common man–to the point that they were truly interested in putting all people on an equal, socialist, playing field?

We already know there are a lot of naive and corrupt politicians associated with the World Economic Forum, WEF, and its advocacy of Covid vaccines.

What should we make of people like Klaus Schwab (who is mostly an economist and somewhat of a polymath) or Bill Gates (who is a rich business man of questionable credentials)? No one asked these people to become our benign dictators.

The video below is a very good summary of things all people should be thinking about the WEF. Her statement is neither of leftist or right-wing bent but crucial.

What’s Really Behind “The Great Reset”

(very much ignored by most search engine algorithms), so double click on:

Wealthy globalists and powerful corporations are going to, angelically, according to their own PR, become world saviors for all mankind (even with all their sordid past ethical transgressions). If you believe this you are truly hopeless.

YES INDEED! economists, corporations and wealthy people have given a LOT of thought to the worlds’ resources and commodities–but not so much for the betterment of ALL people. Does this surprise anyone?

Anyone who cannot understand that a growing world population cannot continue to be met with growing demands on the ecological and economical resources as it presently is to naive. Something has to give somewhere as utopia is NOT likely coming with human nature as it is in the real world–but to allow these self-appointed wealthy globalists to take commands of lies?

Rather, what is remarkable is why it took these peoples so long to ‘conspire’ against the masses of the world populations.

History does not give us examples of the powerful suddenly putting the common chap on equal footing, and this type of thing is not happening now. “You will own nothing and be happy?” Whereas, they will be controlling the world’s resources–which is not synonymous with owning those same resources?

People need to reaquaint themselves with the classic whistleblowing documentary called “The Corporation” based on the book with the subtitle: “The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power: Double click on:

The entire left, the media, most politicians, the entertainment industry, the banking industry, etc., are selling us, the commoner proletarian world, this idea that we all need to immediately reject all 196 individual nation states (a war against nationalists) to allow the world’s richest people and companies to control a newly founded empire on the notion of a benevolent “One World Strategic Partnership”.

Read the following essays and you will realize the world is being conspired against (including those on the deluded left, the muddling middle, and the ruckus right) and this is not merely a conspiracy theory. All are currently on the Internet:

1) The Great Reset for Dummies by Tessa Lina

2) Barcoding Nature: The Largest Global Land Grab in Human History by Meleni Aldridge and Melissa Smith

3) Unsustainable Humanity by Dr. Igor Shepard

4) Wall Street’s Takeover of Nature Advances With Launch of New Asset Class by Whitney Webb

Thus in this world of psychosis we need to ask:

“How could leftists, environmentalists, and big shot idiots like Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Moore, etc., etc., etc. be so blatantly stupid?”

Is this not delusional grandiosity?

Think about it:

It has not been that long, historically, when man first explored the idea of “continental shift” as in continents moving away from each other from a supercontinent called Pangaea.

It has not been that long since man first learned about volcanos on the bottom of the ocean (the age of sonar) with ocean floors thinner than land mass continental crusts floating on tectonic plates, with lava under all of them, from an inner core of vast heat and energy. This thinner ocean floor spurs more volcanoes which spew lava directly into the ocean and changes the ocean temperatures.

It has not been that long since man has assembled the periodic table of chemistry.

It has not been that long when modern medicine evolved from myth and magic and alchemisty.

Now suddenly we have a class of clowns like the great circus master Klaus Schwab bringing in the 4th Industrial Revolution and Transhumanism?. How mesmerizing! How transcendetal The biggest circus barker of them all!

Cotton candy galore.

“See our Freak Show in the European center stage with lion tamer and entertainer extradinaire Volodymir Zelensky!!”

“Watch your step and stay away from the spiderweb of bio-laboratories”.

“Joe Biden is a trapeze artist–watch him and son Hunter game the unimaginable!”

“Step right up and get your tickets before more military hardware dazzles the sky with all manner of fire works.”

This is not a world of make-belief (there are no cameras or TV anchors).

How imbecilic can these people who assume to be world leaders be?

As if the idea of switching nature’s (or God’s) genetic codes around at whim, is if the stuff of idyllic play is so psychiatrically delusional and shallow it begs the chasm of the universe for wonder itself.

How about a dancing bear–hey Vladimir Putin do you always have to be so serious?

Mixing biological warfare agents and capacities willy-nilly.

Mixing genetic genomes as if nature and evolutionary time was not test enough.

Wise men once said it is good to contemplate new ideas even if over 90% are rejected–not so with modern medicine, technology and pharmacy.

Anything is viable to the deluded. Even the metazoan Mark Zuckerberg creating a new image with a mere name change Meta–how meta-intelligent is that? Whereas twitter twit Jack Dorsey, with his mountain man beard, looks like some kind of carnival carnie who has spend too much time worrying about his ferris wheel going off on a spiel.

These people are fools who need to be rounded up and sent to a private island where they can destroy each other (or a psychiatric prison).

Who in the hell made Klaus Schwab and his ilk God’s gift to mankind?

Or the likes of George Soros and Bill Gates–as in just because you have a lot of money to manipulate the world doesn’t mean you really know anything about running even a primitive or tribal society. These people who think they are our betters, are retarded, and this is an understatement, that these emperors have no clothes.

The same can be said for their Bankster backers, too many corporate CEOs, too many college professors, too many think tank retards, etc., ad nauseum, etc. If there should be a massive die-off it should begin with these pismire retrogrades.

There are no educated classes worth anything.

Any scientists worthy of his or her salt would at least have a modicum of humility.

Not these bozos and mental rejects.

Are we in trouble or what?

Seems very much so.


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