Why does history keep repeating?

Because transcending the Control Matrix is an inside job.

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Chaos is engineered to distract us from knowing how to free ourselves from the control matrix system.

5 critical human weaknesses that keep us trapped in the Matrix

2013: Why can’t mankind get its act together and put an end to physical, financial, and spiritual slavery? Maybe it’s because every attempted solution has failed to address some very fundamental human weaknesses.

Until these critical flaws are overcome, change will remain superficial as the old problems keep resurfacing.

Without a connection to Spirit, we remain wanderers without compasses and lamps without fire, lost in the darkness as so many currently are.

The intellect is not something to throw away in favor of the heart, rather both should be developed in parallel and brought to perfection.

The transcendence we seek is not about escape and avoidance, it is about mastery of the higher [divine] nature of self, over the lower [animal] nature inherent in man.

Transcript https://montalk.net/audio/249/2-five-critical-human-weaknesses

What is the Matrix Control System?

The Matrix is in itself a conspiracy.

To transcend the Matrix, we must understand the parts of the Control System that originate beyond the political level of the conspiracy, for they are the avenues through which an immense effort of spiritual warfare is being waged against us.

There are many interpretations of the Demiurge, perceived by the ancients to be the central brain of the Matrix Control System. The Demiurge is said to be the soul of the universe. It is the all-pervading energy field that projects matter, energy, space, and time at the quantum level.

The Demiurge is a nonphysical artificial intelligence that, in its original and rightful form, fashioned physicality according to the divine will. Except it has since broken away from the divine framework and become a parasite upon its own corner of Creation, which is the universe we now find ourselves in.

The Demiurge shaped this universe into a cold deterministic machine, a construct that perpetuates the illusion of linear time, that grinds onward without regard for the consciousness of its inhabitants, and that forces its subjects to live by the law of the jungle.

These spiritually suffocating conditions are what allow the Matrix Control System to exist. They lead to a mode of living that favors serving self at the expense of others. What was supposed to have been a nurturing womb, a growth matrix for the evolution of consciousness through physical experience, has instead taken on overtones of a spiritual prison.

Transcript https://montalk.net/audio/248/1-what-is-the-matrix-control-system

Gnosis Summary, if you care to explore deeper

Gnosis articles present an aerial map that puts other seemingly unrelated fields of study into perspective: Alchemy, metaphysics, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Freudian and Jungian psychology, Theosophy and Anthroposophy, Christ and Buddhist teachings, Grail studies, Ark of the Covenant research, Biblical Eschatology, prophecy, 2012 theories, mythology, alienology, fringe physics, and more. It shows a possible logical connection between all of these.

The path of the heroic fool is our path, for we are soldiers of light born here, who must survive conditions of the Matrix Control System by gaining mastery over our lower selves while nurturing the manifestation of Spirit in form.

The Way of the Fool entails being forged by the fiery trials of life toward manifesting the full attributes of Spirit. This includes purity of heart, intellectual prowess, and indomitable strength of will.

We have to be mindful of what originates from our lower nature versus higher nature and distinguish between them so that we consistently choose the latter. This will “tide” us over until divine grace or some cosmic shift grants us etheric activation and spiritual transcendence that currently seem beyond practical reach.


To simplify … it’s a numbers game

There’s a longstanding cosmic battle between light and dark advancing toward a crescendo.

Individuals attached to beliefs that limit human potential, ignore/deny facts, cycle in fear, judgment, apathy, ego, and their lower animal nature, energize the dark.

Individuals who summon the courage to acknowledge tyranny, research to discern fact from fiction, stop judging others, take meaningful action, and begin to transform their lower animal nature into their higher divine nature, energize the light a.k.a. the awakening.


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