NEVER FORGET: This Self-Confessed Liar of the Medical Mafia Was Selected by RINO Mike Pence to be “Corona Czar”

Submitted by Harold Saive

Deborah Birx UnMasked – I Bet You Haven’t Heard These Stories About The Scarf Lady

Debra Birx is a pivotal member of the Medical Mafia – here are some stories you might not know about the evil scarf lady.

Birx now says she knew all along that the Covid vaccines wouldn’t work and admitted to subverting the US government (and tricking the world!) in multiple ways while on the COVID-19 Task Force.

Michael Senger’s Substack:

National File report on Birx’s Book:

Ivanka cheers for Birx, convincing Trump to keep her:

Corey’s Digs AIDS $90billion dollar slush fund:

PEPFAR Ukraine State Department Memo for FY 2019 funding:

Soros Embezzlement Investigation, Ukraine AIDS dollars:
Judicial Watch:

Paige Reffe worked as Clinton’s Advance Man:

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