From Jim Stone:

Female trucker drops a load of baby formula. The people who receive it take it, and destroy it right in front of her, as she sits in the drivers seat. She nails them on video COLD

There were never any baby formula shortages in Mexico, and I would be willing to bet the corona bailout cash in the US is being used to buy it all up and destroy it upon delivery.

This female trucker picked up a perfectly good load of formula straight from the distribution center, only to watch it get destroyed in the weeds where she was supposed to drop it. It is an epic bust, complete with baby formula coated articulated loader (a type of bulldozer) wheels, baby formula all over the ground, thousands and thousands and thousands of containers on pallets sitting outside where they should never be put because they are going to be destroyed anyway – Five star bust!!!

The baby formula destruction was posted to Instagram and I cannot save that. If anyone has a way to save that so it is not lost and re-post it everywhere, that would be great, I found this when it was completely fresh and considering the parent company is META, I don’t expect this to live for more than an hour or so.

UPDATE: That did not last even 20 minutes. They killed that quick. The baby formula is/was being destroyed IN BULK and buried in trenches. They are breaking down the pallets, with teams of people opening the formula containers and dumping them, then a bulldozer scoops it up and pours it into trenches. THAT is where the baby formula is going/went.

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