Why Do The Democrats Need 87,000 ARMED IRS Agents?

Colorado Springs, CO
August 11, 2022

by Rich Scheck

Please put aside all other political considerations for a second and ask yourself at this unique moment in our history why do the Democrats think America needs 87,000 ARMED IRS agents?

It’s an important question that demands a legitimate answer as our citizens continue to reel under the post 2008 economic crash and 2020 pandemic assault on their personal finances which has been exacerbated now by inflation.

This new bill calls for a doubling of the hated IRS personnel to audit whom? Not the oligarchs and wealthy who just dodged a bullet when Senators Synema and Manchin signed off on the latest version that does NOT include the key tax the rich provision.

No, the folks who’ll come under the gun (literally) will be the countless millions of “we the people” most of whom are aligned with Trump and his army of deplorables that emerged from the original Tea Party of Ross Perot and Ron Paul.

With this new law, the Democrats have assumed the same mantle of abuse as the King of England did back in 1776 when the American Revolution kicked off in protest of “no taxation without representation!”

The dynamics and circumstances may be somewhat different but we are essentially talking about the same process designed to reduce a huge per cent of the population to the status of serfs.

Those believing there is wisdom in forcing a country’s voters to accept slavery and immiseration need to re-evaluate their thinking especially now where the country is the most divided its been since the Civil War over 150 years ago.

And to make the effort at intimidation of the already challenging audit process even worse, the Democrats want to ARM these new agents.

Why? Are they afraid of all the “domestic terrorists” who might be reluctant to submit to this process? Perhaps.  But it sure sounds to me like excessive empowerment of the STATE to the detriment of the people, what some might call Left Fascism.

Anyway you cut it, this bill is a disaster for ordinary folks and invites repudiation in the coming election.

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