Searing Covid Jab Truth Breaks Out On Mainstream Media (Video)

Covid jabs: The truth breaks sound barrier on Fox New

Thank you Steve Kirsch!

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“Hundreds of thousands of Americans killed by COVID-19 vaccines”

Democrat mega donor Steve Kirsch explains why he’s fed up

Aug. 11, 2022 – 3:23 – Steve Kirsch says hundreds of thousands of Americans have been killed by COVID-19 vaccines and speaks out against the Democratic Party on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight..

Executive Summary

Someone had to go on Fox News and tell the truth about the vaccines.

So on August 10, at 5:35 pm, I took my shot.

I explained just how dangerous the vaccines are including the hundreds of thousands who have died and the millions who have been injured.

After I recited the stats from Wayne Root’s wedding (which were subsequently validated in other surveys), the host, Brian Kilmeade, said that “we can’t verify those numbers.”

Did he mean “can’t” or “won’t”?

You can hear the numbers confirmed directly from Wayne Root himself in this videoalong with some of the stories.

I offered FOX the opportunity to verify my numbers.

I’ll let you know what happens next.

Links to the video

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