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Crisis in food supply and farming

Canadian farmer Edward Embury updates us on the world fertilizer and food crisis.

The world’s fertilizer reserve supply will basically run out in September of 2022.

It is August 2022; Canada and the USA food supply chains are in a crisis right now. Much of this has to do with a number of factors:

  • We are still rebounding from the Covid19 Pandemic which had major implications on the food supply and food industry business
  • Massive drought in 2022 food producing areas in the USA and worldwide. And overall lower yields in Canada meaning much higher prices forecasted ahead
  • Skyrocketing fertilizer prices leading to higher input prices for farmers
  • The planned war in Ukraine by all the globalist players
  • Over worked food supply chains are beginning to buckle
  • Plant shut downs and (fires) crippling farm markets for farmers
  • Lack of any government support to produce more or subdue the crisis

These are facts and we’re already seeing a crisis reflected on grocery store shelves and rising prices taking place; things are about to only get worse.

Edward Embury’s full report.

World Food Supply Under Great Pressure 08
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Current Paradigm of Food and Farming

By Derrick Broze

As we continue our journey through the Pyramid, we learned about captured agencies within the FCC taking their orders from Big Wireless. We also explored the role of the Big Oil titans in shaping not only the oil industry, but finance, geopolitics, and even medicine. We have seen the names Rockefellers and the Rothschilds peppered throughout the histories of these institutions.

Using the same flowery language and trendy buzzwords that allowed them to infiltrate and capture the education system, the Oil industry, and medical field, they have managed to gain control over the large institutions which farm the world’s animals and crops in violent, destructive, and costly ways. This dangerous monopolistic cartel has captured many national and international regulatory bodies designed to protect the public and the food supply.

The players involved in this piece of the Pyramid of Power also continue to use their wealth and connections to suppress research that paints their products and investments in a negative light, including GMOs and pesticides. Finally, these criminal elements have made it clear they believe food can be, and indeed SHOULD BE, used as a tool for negotiation, or a tool for forcing compliance from populations.

Pyramid of power: Food as a weapon. Video and transcript.

Rockefeller Foundation ‘Re-set the Table’

A few months into the COVID-19 pandemic — and almost two years before global health officials warned of a food shortage crisis — the Rockefeller Foundation issued a report predicting the crisis and offering up solutions, including “shifts to online enrollment, online purchasing of food.”

What kind of food?

Growing nutritious food is a human right

A worldwide food crisis and agricultural collapse underway are due to inhumane government regulations and corporate takeover.

We all have the right to affordably feed our families, access natural food grown by local farmers, and grow our own food.

If access to local food and farmers is being made impossible, we will bypass destructive regulations and create our own farmer and animal friendly food systems and markets. Join the movement.

Apply new awareness, create a plan

The number 1 priority is where to source safe water.

Gather family and create a survival plan. Learn new skills and teach the children how to preserve foods including meat [canning, glass jars], which you can learn online.

Build a network in your community of like minded people and farmers.




For detailed information on the whole farming nutrition fraud, Tom Harrison is informative. His podcast is

Transform your garage into a grow garden.

Search for a chart: How much to plant per person in a vegetable garden.

Prepper’s Guide to Survival from Edward Embury to follow in a new Blog and link to this post.

Stand in your innate power

Controlled demolition of the global food supply + economic and financial system can bring man to his/her knees unless we spread the word and work together to stop it.

If there are upcoming elections in your community apply for a seat on local council, attend local meetings and use this or a similar format to ask questions.


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