Here’s a great way to neutralize the devastation inflicted by NATO—the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

Righteous Retribution


The ongoing SMO Russia raging throughout the Ukraine has seen a veritable flood of billions of dollars of weapons being supplied by NATO member nations, which in essence is arming a Neo-Nazi regime that NATO itself has created to further expand its hegemony around the world.

*NATO in this particular context is much more accurately named the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization

There are very few places on Earth today that have not been subjugated by NATO to some degree.  Common people everywhere have been murdered by NATO forces and/or weapons over these last 73 years, either directly or by proxy terrorists working for NATO.

Every nation on the planet, in some way or another, has been victimized by this terrorist organization and, therefore, they have the right to defend and free themselves from military and/or political occupation, as well as the resulting impoverishment as stated in UN Charter.

It is from this desire for freedom for our global brothers and sisters that Russia could announce this new “Free Weapons Program” to fight against NATO and all of its proxies to end this global hostile force.

Only Russia could make available all the accumulated and confiscated weapons cache from the Ukraine battlefields; everything from rifles, to drones, to Javelin missiles, to any qualified applicant FREE of CHARGE.

While all applications would be considered, those weapons applicants which are already under NATO occupation having US, UK, or NATO military bases on their homeland soil, will be given priority status and immediate consideration.

Please direct all inquires to the nearest MOD office location and we will provide the details along with a military weapons inventory selection list.

After all, if NATO can send weapons anywhere in the world in which to foment wars against peaceful nation and peoples, then Russia has an obligation to counter that attack with similar behavior. It would seem only logical for Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to counter the implied audacity of NATO’s Article 5, “an attack on one is an attack on all” with “an attack by one will be considered an attack by ALL

(Is there anyone brave enough to promote this on air, radio or print?  Imagine the international debate and attention this would create.)

Submitted by KM


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