Here’s why Biden just DEMONIZED the conservative half of America.

The Divider-in-Chief Speaketh

State of the Nation

It’s of paramount important to understand that hardcore Zionist Joe Biden was criminally installed as POTUS because only he has been sufficiently set up to implement the most important yet covert pieces of the New World Order globalist agenda.  (More on those details in a future exposé.)

Therefore, this highest priority goal could only be accomplished by outright stealing the 2020 POTUS election since Biden was essentially unelectable compared to Donald Trump.  Although that exceedingly brazen and reckless election theft was carried out in the dead of night, the volumes of incriminating evidence conclusively proving a massive nationwide vote fraud could not be suppressed.

If you still don’t believe the 2020 POTUS election was outright stolen, watch this documentary (read: scathing indictment).

That means that half the voting citizens in the United States know, without a shadow of a doubt, that Biden shamelessly stole the presidency.  And he hates that, as do millions of his mind-controlled minions who only cared about defeating Trump.

What’s the critical point?

Biden has been a cheater, and a plagiarizer, and a grifter, and a con man, and a corruptocrat, etc. his entire political career.  In point of fact, there’s probably no greater career criminal in the U.S. Federal Government than POTUS Imposter Joe Biden.  That’s also why they selected him to be the running mate of the terribly treacherous Manchurian Candidate—Barack Hussein Obama.

POTUS Imposter Joe Biden has committed more transparent
felonies than any other American politician in history.

Moreover, just take a real close look at the apple that did not fall far from the tree —son Hunter Biden — and his mind-boggling crime wave euphemistically known as the “Laptop from Hell”.  Remember that the real villain in that ongoing crime spree called the Ukraine War along with CHINAgate is “the Big Guy”—Joe Biden.

KEY POINT: Because there is no other American politician who will do and say anything his NWO globalist masters tell him to, no matter how horribly corrupt or patently criminal, only Biden could carry out the dastardly plan soon to be executed across the USA. See: In case you don’t know, there’s a Democrat Putsch in progress.

So here we are, just two months before the truly monumental midterms elections.

The communist-run Democrat Party has long been planning a total takeover of the American Republic.  Given the upcoming meticulously timed critical stages of the Great Reset, the Democrats MUST steal their way into solid majorities in both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives if that New World (dis)Order is to manifest according to the satanic schedule.

This is where the veteran election thief Joe Biden comes in.

First, Biden’s perfidious mission is to vilify every voter who voted for Trump, especially his high-profile supporters who continue to question the legitimacy of the 2020 outcome.  How could the Imposter-in-Chief not detest the millions of truth-seekers challenging his wholly illegitimate election victory and bogus presidency?  The most vocal VIPs are particularly dangerous to his globalist mission to destroy the Republic as they use their increasingly powerful Alt Media platforms to dissent from Biden’s obviously fake 2020 election narrative

And, given how highly consequential the midterms are, especially for the implementation of the NWO agenda he’s obligated to push, Biden now has an added incentive to demonize any American who objects to his blatant 2020 election theft so that they will be dissuaded from protesting all the stolen 2022 ballots.

Which means that Biden was tasked with the mission of essentially declaring war on all “MAGA Republicans”; really, anyone who ‘deigned’ to vote for Trump.

Only in this manner can Biden and the incorrigibly corrupt Democrat Party hope to present the facade necessary to successfully steal so many elections on November 8th.  By despicably accusing any voter on the Right of being a “semi-fascist”, a “terrorist”, an “extremist”, Biden is clearly intent on intimidating them as no other POTUS has ever attempted to rig an election in US history.

Even worse, by lining up the two U.S. Marines behind him during the fateful Philly “hate speech from hell”, Biden reprehensibly and unlawfully used the coercive force of the U.S. Armed Forces to back up his utterly contemptible threats.

The bottom line here is that Joe Biden knows he, just like the illegitimate POTUS Barack Obama with whom he stole two elections[1], is a total fraud and presidential pretender.  Hence, his NWO handlers know that Biden will do everything in his power to keep these multiple frauds covered up, which he has unscrupulously done to this very day.

And, that Joe Biden will commit any crimes necessary, more than any other corrupt politician in America today, to steal every election in sight on Election Day 2022.

But why, really?

Here’s why: The Well Hidden Agenda Behind the Democrat’s Election Coup of 2020 (and 2022)

State of the Nation
September 3, 2022


[1] Scientific Evidence: Obama Birth Certificate Copy Proven Fake And Forged

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