Lies and Censorship Make Us Like “Blind Men Touching Elephants!”

Cheyenne, Wyoming
September 4, 2022

by Rich Scheck

One of the hallmarks of modernity is the utter confusion almost everyone experiences while attempting to learn the “truth” regarding current events!

With all the disinformation, fake news, spin, propaganda, outright lies and blatant censorship, those doing their best to track breaking news stories are left nearly helpless.

We are all like those proverbial blind men struggling to describe the elephant before them: each has a piece of the puzzle but all are wrong about what they are touching.

That’s the plight of decent citizens of all political stripes. Perhaps the most egregious aspect of this situation is the massive censorship practiced by both social media and the MSM, abetted by those politicians and government officials who directly benefit from a lack of open discussion of key issues.

Taking Covid as a good example: we still don’t know where it came from; whether those biolabs in Ukraine, China and elsewhere were the responsibility of US funding approved by Fauci; whether the masks, lockdowns and vaccines were safe and effective; whether Gates, Schwab and the WHO were engaged in a depopulation effort; what were the true death totals; how much money Big Pharma made; whether Kushner has a conflict of interest promoting Warp Speed; etc., etc., etc.

The conflicting reports and on-going censorship exacerbate the frustration almost all feel from the lack of clarity and naturally trigger “conspiracy” theories…….some of which might actually be true!

Hiding behind claims of science as a justification for controlling the dialogue and blocking opposing views is a devious trick that has become a major tactic of the Authoritarian Left to justify its mandates and evocation of emergency powers.

This is an extremely dangerous practice setting the stage for despotic rule that the Democrats are now using to near perfection regarding issues like climate change and Covid while applying similar tactics pertaining to election fraud; immigration and the war in Ukraine. Relying on lies and shouting disinformation leads to tyranny!

The divisiveness and polarization are fast approaching civil war levels! Biden’s recent comments have needlessly added fuel to the fire in ways even a life-long Democrat like Alan Dershowitz finds deeply troubling.

The way to solve this on-going mess is arguably simple: follow the Constitution and allow the First Amendment its proper place in the scheme of ordered liberty. It’s long past time to turn on the lights and end all forms of censorship in a vigorous competition of ideas. That way, those wanting to see all perspectives can properly assess each situation.

Informed consent is the core ingredient of the democratic process. It goes beyond hypocrisy for Biden to bellow that the populist MAGA movement undermines democracy when he launches the FBI on a dubious raid on the home of his main opponent while the same agency intervenes with Facebook during the 2020 election to censor his son’s laptop.

Let’s stop the lying, censorship and mind control efforts by all sides. Let’s constrain the psychological operations by our intelligence agencies and the dissembling by social media while returning the First Amendment to its prominent role in shaping America’s Democratic Republic!

That’s the way we can cure our collective blindness and hopefully pursue the best path forward to benefit us all!

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