Action Alert : Sen. Ron Johnson Urgently Needs Help From Truth Movement To Keep His Seat

VAX Truther Ron Johnson is under serious
threat by the desperate Covid vaxxer mob

Big Pharma-Big Medical-Big Media-Big Govt All Want
The Heroic Johnson Gone—YESTERDAY!

We are in BIG trouble. 

The Democrats are ahead by practically every metric. They’re outspending us by MILLIONS, they’re leading in the polls, and they’ve flooded Wisconsin with radical Left activists. We need to stop them NOW before it’s too late, and we need your help to do it.

Chuck Schumer is throwing all of his Hollywood resources at Wisconsin. He is determined to flip the state blue and EXPAND his Senate Majority. If that happens, it’s game over for the American economy. We need your help to stop him. Can we count on you to pitch in $10 to stop him?

Schumer is hoping that Republicans are distracted so he can pull off this mischievous plot. We need you on alert. Pitch in now to take back the Senate Majority.Thank you for your support,
Senate Republicans

A note from Ron Johnson: 

My campaign is struggling, Kenfromms.

I just found out my opponent is polling SEVEN points ahead of me…

Democrats have promised to fundamentally destroy America and my opponent, who himself has said the Founding of America was “awful,” is no different.

As a Tea Party patriot, grandpa, and businessman, I REFUSE to let radical leftists turn America into a Liberal wasteland. But I’m going to need your help to close the polling gap.

And I can promise you this: I will NEVER stop fighting for freedom no matter how bleak things seem. So, Kenfromms, I’m personally asking, will you join me in this fight for Freedom?


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