A Total Fraud


From the desk of Ron Paul
Campaign for Liberty

When the ill-tested vaccines were rushed to the market under the “Emergency Use Authorization” doctrine, and various state and even local governments began forcing their citizens to take them, the only legal basis allowing them to do so was the declaration of an “emergency” by the president and the assertion that vaccines would “stop the spread.”

Well, then it turned out the vaccines didn’t stop the spread at all.

In fact, data suggests the jabs could be responsible for the rapidly evolving Covid variants . . . and the “fully vaccinated” are experiencing worse outcomes than those who refused the shots.

Did that stop all of these tyrannical entities from demanding vaccine compliance?

Of course not! “Stopping the spread” was just a pretext.

But it is now crystal clear the Covid tyranny was never about public health in the first place: It was all about your compliance and obedience.

Now, Joe Biden has confessed the pandemic “is over.”

And yet the government claims it still has the authority to ignore the law under the doctrine of “emergency” powers.

Once again, the “emergency” was just a convenient pretext for tyranny.

It turns out the CDC, the FDA, and other government agencies are now admitting they lied, covered up, or deceived the American people about the virus, the vaccines, and our lives.

The Pentagon’s Inspector General just came down hard on the armed services for their refusal to accept religious exemptions. The end result is many good servicemen were kicked out of our military. And recruiting is taking a beating now.

But the government wants to eat its cake and have it too. They want voters to forget about all the misery you and I and millions of Americans have been subjected to over the past two years in the run-up to the all-important midterm elections.

But also, they want to retain their “emergency” powers of tyranny forever.

NOW is the time to demand an end to it.

With his statement in Detroit last weekend, Joe Biden admitted all “emergency” powers still in effect have no legal authority. Frankly, these emergency powers never should have existed at all.

You and I MUST seize this moment to demand ALL of our liberty back.


Carla, it may seem impossible to believe the current Congress will take action against the Biden regime, but with inflation on the rise and the daily dose of bad news we keep hearing, more and more Democrats are turning on Biden and trying to save their own jobs.

There is NEVER a better time to make your voice heard than during a heated election season!

And if polls are to be believed, the statists loyal to the Biden administration and Great Reset agenda won’t be in the majority much longer.

So if the Congress won’t act NOW, it is critical you and I make certain Republicans know we demand action should they return to power.

Every congressional office keeps track of how many of their constituents are speaking out on which issues.

We must make our voices heard because your silence is taken as consent.

Believe me: I served twelve terms in Congress.

Your letters, phone calls, and petitions make a huge difference.

We saw in various elections over the past two years how public outcry against Critical Race Theory being taught in schools changed the conversation in America. It went from an obscure issue to a key issue candidates ran on.

The 2022 midterm election must be a referendum on Covid tyranny. But it’s up to you and me to make it so!

So please, take just a moment to co-sign my letter to Congress demanding an end to all Emergency Powers invoked in the name of Covid to impose tyranny.


Ultimately, what will make this letter influential and effective isn’t my signature.

It is yours.

You are their constituents.

And yes, they do care about constituent pressure.

Every member of Congress is desperately worried about their future majority.

Constituent outcry informs their next move – and if you and I don’t speak up, they will go with the status quo.

Our legislators in Congress need to know the American people take our civil liberties seriously.

The notion they don’t care what their constituents think is exactly what they want you to think.

Prove them wrong: read and co-sign my letter DEMANDING they restore our most cherished civil liberties.

Because I assure you: too few other organizations are speaking out.

We are fighting on the cutting edge.

The scheme for Covid tyranny is quietly advancing at every level. It’s “quiet” because there is an election season happening now. . .

But people are still losing their jobs if they are not “fully vaccinated,” even though the jabs have proven to be ineffective and even dangerous. The mandates are still in effect all over our country.

>>>New York City fired 850 teachers and teacher aides just two weeks ago because they opted to not get jabbed.

>>>Children as young as 4 years old are still mandated to wear masks in the federal “Head Start” program!

>>>Just a few weeks ago, Biden put taxpayers on the hook for up to a TRILLION DOLLARS in student debt “loan forgiveness” with the “ongoing” pandemic as the excuse.

>>>And the FDA is continuing to authorize completely untested and dangerous Covid boosters for emergency use, which is only legally permitted during declared emergencies!

These are just a few examples of the ongoing Covid-tyranny.

And unless you and I take a stand, you can be certain more tyranny is coming after the election. 

Co-sign my letter to oppose this madness.


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