Can A Red Cow Change The World?

St. George, Utah
September 26, 2022

by Rich Scheck

For those of us who have trouble believing the Bible is the literal word of God, the probability that the presence of a red cow in Israel 22 years into the 21st Century can have a dramatic impact on world affairs is over the top.

But that is a possibility with the recent ecstatic news for Conservative Jews that the return of several pure, untainted Red Heifers to The Holy Land has occurred thus fulfilling one of the preconditions for building the Third Temple with all that implies for the Orthodox as well as the rest of humanity!

The potential destructiveness of this development cannot be underestimated. With the planet tilting towards economic collapse, more wars and social unrest literally everywhere, any effort to transform the delicate balance of relations among various religious groups in Israel, home to the three Abrahamic religions, will almost definitely trigger strong reactions and possibly war.

The world continues to lunge towards the abyss: building a structure designed to promote the goals of one small but powerful faith because of a specifically colored animal might cause irreparable harm while ushering in the Armageddon prophesied in the texts of those religions.

Those doubting a cow can change the world may not have long to wait to see if it can!

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