REPORTS FLOODING IN: Russia To Officially “Declare War” on or about September 30

Hal Turner Radio Show

Within the past hour, reports from both open source intel, and covert intel circuits began screeching that Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to ask the Russian Legislature (Duma and Federation Council) to formally DECLARE WAR on or about September 30.

The intel says that Public Referendums being held in four areas; Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporozyhe and Kherson, will be completed tomorrow, September 27.

Russia expects it will take a maximum of two (2) days to physically count all the paper ballots in all four regions. The results are expected to be made public on September 29.

Russia has already made clear that once the voting is done and the results CERTIFIED, those four regions will instantly become “Russian territory.”

If Ukraine continues its military efforts against or within any part of any of those territories, it will be viewed (and treated) as “an attack upon Russia.”

President Vladimir Putin is then expected to ask the Russian legislature to DECLARE WAR upon Ukraine for “attacking Russian territory.”

What is not (yet) talked about, is whether or not Putin’s request to the legislature will include any mention of NATO.

As this story is being written, at 11:55 AM eastern US Time on Monday, September 26, the world could literally be within four days of the actual outbreak of World War 3.



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