Fauci the Fearmonger is now coming for the children, this is their Plan B when people are getting wise to the Scamdemic

NY Reports 93 Children Sick With ‘Mysterious COVID-19-Linked Respiratory Syndrome’


NYC Mayor de Blasio said Monday that he didn’t think the syndrome would impact the city’s reopening plans since schools will be shuttered until at least next fall. But both he and Cuomo voiced new concerns on Tuesday, and Dr. Fauci even admonished Sen. Rand Paul over the issue of children returning to school which drew more attention to the issue.

Children have a long history of being little-impacted by viruses unless they have specific immune issues. Research so far has suggested that children aren’t major carriers of the virus, which brings the decision to close schools into question. Others noted that among children affected by this new syndrome, the prevalence in underlying conditions isn’t an accident. While Dr. Fauci is probably technically correct that we can’t be certain children aren’t a major risk of spreading the virus, that’s only true in the context of it being too early in the game to say anything for certain, beyond a few basic undisputed truths, as Dr. Fauci has repeatedly explained to the public. However, the decision to be so cautious about children returning to the classroom as to suggest that it shouldn’t happen for more than a year would appear to contradict the prevailing “science” suggesting children aren’t major spreaders.

Stories about the virus in the UK have largely petered out as it hasn’t appeared to spread widely so far. We suspect a similar pattern will emerge in the US.

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