The American Freedom Trifecta of 2020—BE THERE!




TO: The American People

FROM: The American Freedom Trifecta of 2020 Steering Committee

DATES: Summer & Spring of 2020

RE: Reclamation of Personal & National Sovereignty

In light of the ongoing OPERATION COVID-19, the ensuing staged panic and the government’s intention to keep the USA locked down indefinitely via recurring shut downs, the citizenry must respond decisively.

More than ever the We the People are compelled to do the following:

Take back our power. 

Stand in our own truth.

Speak our truth to power.

No one has the legal right or lawful authority to lock US down, tell US to wear masks or stop US from going to the beach, the park or the playground.

No government has the legitimate power to close our businesses, bankrupt our families or enforce sheltering in place in locales where there is absolutely no reason to do so.

Given the utter fraud of The Great Scamdemic, We the People have the civil and moral obligation to resist every unlawful order and illicit demand made by governments at every level.

This is why The American Freedom Trifecta of 2020 is about to commence in earnest.

Stay tuned for more information about this citizens’ initiative to take back our country from those who have stolen it.

The American Freedom Trifecta of 2020
Coordinated by Concerned American Citizens

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