These are bit and pieces of the Democrats 2022 election theft strategy.

Submitted by GA

But I gather that this election was stolen again.

From Jim Stone:

Fraud does not make an election legit any more than a stolen Porsche makes the driver rich.

Yes it was stolen, the indicator I got was from Maricopa county where someone shut the stealing machine off and Dems were revealed as a minor party with 14.1 percent of the actual vote.

Dems scored lower than independents nationwide and they won. Not even hard leftists want their B.F. story times and $5+ gas. Maricopa made it clear: The dems are a marginalized party with a stealing machine.

A huge fire broke out at a chevron refinery in California

Everyone is blaming the rigged in government. No one knows how the fire started but it looks like a huge leak was set on fire.

Maricopa gave us a strong indicator: Dems have 14.1 percent of the national vote.

It is clear at this point that they are posting the fraud results early to quell post election vote fraud outrage. The chart from Maricopa county says it all, nationwide that shows approximately how much fraud needs to be applied for the dems to “win”. In reality, Dems likely won nothing.

Democrats will claim they swept it on the abortion issue. This election is why the supreme court ruled the way it did – future plausible cover for vote fraud. But early results from Maricopa county say it all, the dems really are a fringe group and they cannot possibly be a major party elsewhere if they show up ANYWHERE like that. The “problems” obviously happened after a white hat shut the fraud algos off. The real status of dems nationwide started showing. Independents were beating the dems 2:1, Republicans 4:1, so they shut it down. Numbers that bad have to indicate a total nationwide wipeout.


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