Political & Religious Persecution Targets The Esteemed Rabbi Green

Rabbi Green Harassed By DCF – Political & Religious Persecution Targets The Esteemed Rabbi Green During The High Holidays

Watch the video he published on YouTube. https://youtu.be/37e5lpzzL1s

The harassment brigades of the Department of Child & Family Services of the State of Massachusetts are threatening to kidnap the children of Rabbi Michoel Green and his wife.


Because Rabbi Green is an articulate, outspoken voice against the current corona medical tyranny.

“Due to my vocal opposition to medical tyranny, I am being punished by the most vicious tentacle of medical tyranny, the so-called  Department of Children & Families,” said Rabbi Michoel Green of Westboro, MA. The outspoken supporter of health freedom believes he is being targeted in what he describes as a “brazen assault against me and my family.”


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