With the transparently stolen 2022 elections behind US, a very stealthy hard left turn into bolshevik-commandeered communism is the Uniparty’s secret scheme.

I’m sure that it took a few years for the Bolshevik takeover of Russia to sink in. People probably thought the Tsars would return and conquer Lenin and Stalin. The same thing played out in China. Millions of Chinese left and fled to Taiwan. They were supposed to come back and retake the mainland.

Instead, Communism took hold with brutal regimes lasting entire lifetimes. China is still under Communist control.

Two years ago there was a Bolshevik coup in the United States. There will never be a true election again, and we are living in a Communist dictatorship. The proof was the Dark Biden speech. It was the crowning event of a dictator, demanding that all follow the state or be destroyed. Did you not listen to the words? Did you not listen when they said that republicans would win overwhelmingly on election day, but that it would all disappear weeks after as they find more votes?

After the installation of Biden, the Capital of the United States was militarized. The People’s House was surrounded by fences and access was blocked. Political prisoners were thrown in federal prison, without charge, legal representation, or trial. They are subjected to torture and live in conditions thought to be illegal, against international law governing the treatment of prisoners. They were then given extreme sentences, far beyond the supposed crimes. Even greater than first degree murder in some states.

Freedom in America is gone. The United States of America no longer exists. The midterm elections prove this. The status quo of communist control is upheld. They needed to allow for the appearance of a functioning Republic by giving the opposition enough seats, but not enough to give them any power. In two years the regime will end that gesture and full control will be handed over.

The left cheers centralized control. They have wanted a communist nation for over 100 years. Their dreams are realized. Did you not listen when the Democrats said that election deniers will be dealt with? That conservatives are an enemy of democracy?

Do you understand, or are you just naive to the situation? Do you still think the ballot box fixes this? The only answer is a bullet box.

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