These are the many ways that BLOOD DISORDERS & DISEASES can be caused by EMF weaponry

Submitted by Harold Saive

Transformation of Human Blood by Application of Electrical Current
Exploring Sources of Blood Transformation including Current Generated by the Human Body or EMF Sources and Weapons (Cliff Carnicom)

Blood Alterations V : Sources of Current

This paper is Part Five of a Six Part Series.

This research series was foreseen to consist of five papers, but the need for an additional paper arises.  Dramatic transformation of human blood samples can occur as a result of the application of electrical current to the blood. This situation occurs in combination with the existence of a unique microbial life form within blood that has been researched extensively by Carnicom Institute.  A question that deserves inquiry is:

What are feasible sources of current that might be available to transform the blood in the manner seen?

With only an initial review, there are more than a dozen potential sources of electrical current to consider.  These might include, for example:

1. The human body itself.

2.  Motion of a conductor (human body) within a magnetic field.

3. An artificial lower “ionospheric” layer combined with electromagnetic propagation.

4. The application of an electromagnetic wave to a human body.

5. Cyclotronic resonance.

6. Ground wave propagation of an electromagnetic field.

7. Tropospheric – “Ionospheric” Ducting Propagation

8. Ambient ELF electromagnetic fields, by all evidence artificial in origin.

9. Motion of a magnetic field (human body) within a conductive environment.

10. Direct laboratory evidence of electromagnetic influence upon cross-domain bacteria (CDB) microbial cultures.

11. Ionospheric heater – ionosphere technology (e.g., HAARP).

12. Satellite propagation of an electromagnetic field.

13. Modern devices and technology that now permeate our environment, such as cell phones and wireless EMF.

14. Electromagnetic modification of human biology (e.g., “vaccine” technology, pharmaeceutical injections, biological experimentation-modification, genetic modification, etc.).

This list easily spawns new and complex areas of bioelectric research.  It is assured that this list is not comprehensive. What can be done here is to offer a few opening thoughts on these topics.

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