Is the Dollar About To Go Digital?

READ HERE: Along the same lines of digital currency and counterparty risk, the Federal Reserve of New York announced on November 15 that it is “Facilitating Wholesale Digital Asset Settlement”.

The Federal Reserve of New York and a dozen major banks are launching a twelve-week test of a digital dollar. A news release on the Federal Reserve of New York website states that the test is to determine the feasibility experiment as a ‘proof-of-concept’ of transactions using a digital US dollar.

The twelve-week program will simulate digital money transactions between the participating bank customers. It then settles the transactions through a simulated Fed Reserve distributed ledger.

The experiment of ‘digital dollar tokens’ through the test program titled “The Regulated Liability Network” by banks through the Federal Reserve is to bring blockchain technology to the ‘real economy’ and speed up settlements between banks and the central bank. The FRBNY states: 

In a 12-week proof-of-concept project—the Regulated Liability Network U.S. Pilot—the NYIC will experiment with the concept of a regulated liability Network (RLN). RLN is a concept for a financial market infrastructure (FMI) facilitating digital asset transactions. This connects deposits held at regulated financial institutions using distributed ledger technology.



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