Why is FBI Director Christopher Wray covering up for all the Obama-era Deep State criminals? Really, why is the nation’s chief law enforcement officer protecting the corruptocrats?

Hannity calls out FBI chief Wray after Susan Rice email declassified: ‘Will you ever hold anyone accountable?’

By Yael Halon | Fox News

Sean Hannity called on FBI Director Chris Wray to “get to the bottom” of the Michael Flynn case Tuesday after a newly declassified email by Susan Rice showed Wray’s predecessor, James Comey, suggested in January 2017 that President Barack Obama keep Flynn out of the loop on matters pertaining to Russia.

“Director Wray, are you comfortable with any of this?” Hannity asked. “Are you? Will you ever hold anyone accountable? Do you, Director Wray, care about what is an abuse of power and corruption that took place at the world’s premier law enforcement agency, the one at which you are now the director?


“In other words, Director Wray,” Hannity went on, “are you going to do anything to restore the reputation of this, the world’s premier law enforcement institution, or are you going to sweep it under the rug, be an institutionalist, be afraid to rock the boat, and maybe even want to protect your friends and you don’t want to go there?”

Hannity urged Wray to investigate and hold those who mishandled the Russia investigation accountable “for the sake of the 99 percent of great agents.”

“Maybe you should do the right thing for the country, for the rule of law, for the Justice Department, for the FBI and get to the bottom of it,” he said. “And if you’re not up to the job, maybe you should tell President Trump, ‘I’m just not up to this job, I don’t want to do the heavy lifting here.’

“And maybe,” the host concluded, “we can make General Flynn the new director of the FBI.”


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