BOMBSHELL!!! Was attorney Joey Gilbert very stealthily planted into the AFLD organization to bring down Founder & President Dr. Simone Gold

America’s Frontline Doctors founder again tyrannized – in staged embezzlement

What did Joey Gilbert know, and when did he know it?

Posted by Frontline News Staff

America's Frontline Doctors founder again tyrannized - in staged embezzlement

Botched embezzlement setup

After America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) Founder and President Dr. Simone Gold was charged with five separate crimes for spending less than 50 minutes in the Capitol, attorney Joey Gilbert was entirely supportive of a suggestion that she step down from her position as Chairman of the organization she founded and built through speaking tours, interviews, legal representation of medical freedom actions, partnership development and management, and building a library of scientific articles on modern medical issues.

Gilbert affirmed that doing so would be a good move for the cause, an idea that Dr. Gold considered, although she says her resignation was never consummated, as she continued her work as the executive leader of AFLDS operations and its visionary director. At the same time, Gilbert also affirmed Board discussions suggesting that AFLDS protect its assets by purchasing a property in an area where real estate was appreciating, and to use that space for AFLDS activities rather than renting office space and paying for frequent in-town hotel costs. He supported arrangements for Dr. Gold’s compensation to include her residence at the headquarters property.

Gilbert agreed this served the organization’s interests by reducing operational costs, including the outlay to Dr. Gold, while maintaining an appreciating asset in the name of the corporation. The entire Board of Directors, including Gilbert, moved to purchase the Florida property on behalf of AFLDS.


Dr. Gold eventually waived her right to a selective prosecution defense to the trespass charges in order to keep focus on her medical freedom activism and pled guilty to trespass. When she was shockingly sentenced to prison, Gilbert attempted to take total control of AFLDS.

While not adding any new programs or activities, Gilbert claimed to have discovered an illegitimate property purchase. He then described his discovery in a verified petition to a federal court on November 4, 2022:

Gold purchased this home with AFLDS funds without authorization or approval by the Board of Directors and in violation of Internal Revenue Code §§ 501(c)(3) and 4958. The deed to the Naples Home records Naples Freedom Headquarters LLC as the owner of that property. [Emphasis added].


Gilbert claimed in that same petition to be Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFLDS, at the same time that he claimed that the home purchase was made by Dr. Gold. Yet, Gilbert himself listed “Naples Freedom Headquarters” as the purchaser, not Dr. Gold.

Naples Freedom Headquarters is nothing more than a subsidiary of AFLDS, i.e., AFLDS is the owner of the property. Thus, Dr. Gold did not purchase the property as Gilbert claimed. Gold has never owned the property. The Board purchased the property as an appreciating asset and investment for the benefit of the organization.

In those same court papers, Gilbert also alleged that the purchase was made without board approval. A simple property search of the property, though, reveals the legal address of the purchasing entity, Naples Freedom Headquarters, to be 405 Marsh Avenue, Reno, Nevada, as seen in this screenshot:

Dr. Gold has no interests in Nevada. But a quick internet search shows that the recorded address is actually Gilbert’s office address! Yes, the property that Gilbert attested to a federal judge that he knew nothing about is actually the same property with which he associated his address one year ago. His law firm is the address of Naples Freedom Headquarters:

Why is Gilbert’s law firm’s address listed as the address for the subsidiary of AFLDS that purchased a Florida home? Because attorney Gilbert handled the purchase for AFLDS, while receiving an income from AFLDS, and created that subsidiary as part of the purchase. Now Gilbert claims that that purchase that he handled was in violation of the law. And he claims that he didn’t know about it, a claim refuted by the above screenshots as well as emails written by Gilbert discussing the purchase over the months-long period in which he worked on it.

Set up to appear to trespass

A perfect storm of (intentional?) failures was required to turn Dr. Gold’s licensed speech into a criminal act. We list four of those failures.

Inadequate police forces

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, as well as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, refused entrance to the 20,000 National Guard troops authorized by President Trump to secure the Capitol during the protest, despite the Capitol Police’s intelligence unit having “knowledge of the potential for violence.” That refusal left D.C. police woefully understaffed to handle hundreds of thousands of protestors under the best circumstances.

Agents provocateur disguised as MAGA

The circumstances were not “the best”. Revolver News has reported extensively on FBI operatives (agent provocateurs) disguised as protestors and agitating protestors to act violently on January 6th while they have not been charged. When asked by Congressman Thomas Massie to confirm or deny the presence of such provocateurs acting on behalf of the FBI on that day, Attorney General Merrick Garland refused to answer.

Police brutality

The police who were present, in inadequate numbers, were reported to have used excessive force on a large scale, in violation of their department’s regulations and further agitating the protestors.

Open doors

When each of these government actions led to the police losing control of the crowd, the original venue for Dr. Gold’s speech was cordoned off and the only place she could be heard turned out to be a restricted space inside the Capitol building. Though officially restricted, no signs or other warnings that the space was closed to the public were displayed and police officers stood by the open doors without telling the protestors not to enter. Akin to entering a post office after hours and having the guard at the door not mention that the building is closed, those charged with entering a restricted space felt like they were set up.

Dr. Simone Gold spent two months in prison for misdemeanor trespass while delivering a medical freedom speech, despite having received an invitation to speak at a permit-approved  protest event on January 6, 2021, in Washington D.C.

What did Gilbert know, and when did he know it?

Returning to the newest set up attempt, check back as we continue our series on Gilbert and try to answer the following questions:

  • Did Gilbert plan all along to purchase a property for AFLDS and recommend that Dr. Gold live there while working for the organization only to later claim that he discovered that Dr. Gold embezzled funds to purchase that property?
  • Why did Gilbert risk incriminating himself by claiming that the property purchase was against the law when evidence shows he was involved?
  • Why did Gilbert try to remove the doctor who founded America’s Frontline Doctors and replace her with a board of non-doctors when the very name of the organization indicates that it is run by doctors?
  • Why is Gilbert claiming to be the Chairman of the Board of AFLDS while not developing any programming or activities for the organization?
  • Why did Gilbert draw a very large salary from AFLDS during the entire time he was running for Governor of Nevada and was absent from the organization?
  • Who is the mysterious donor that funded Gilbert’s political campaign?


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