COVID VACCINES: A “slow kill bioweapon” and DEATHVAX™

Micro-Clotting: One of the Primary Lifespan Decreasing DEATHVAX™ Vectors

The problem of increasing “silent stroke” diagnoses and narratives.

by 2nd Smartest Guy in the World

There is good reason that this substack coined the terms “slow kill bioweapon” and DEATHVAX™. The four main eugenics pillars of these Modified mRNA experimental gene therapies are cancer, prion-based diseases, heart diseases, and micro clotting. The ferret, rat and mice studies of years ago gave us critical insights into the potential deadly adverse reactions while concurrently establishing that these technologies do not protect against any viruses and ultimately confer negative immunity. This is why Modified mRNA therapies never made it to human trials, until the “pandemic” EUA scam that is.

Micro clotting was never a consideration previously. Now it is a severe adverse event possibility for both the COVID virus, and the far more lethal injections.

My medical sources all just gave me a serious “head’s up”: COVID, particularly the lab manufactured spike protein part, could be much more serious than people realize.  (If secretly known to be true by the CCP, this could be the reason for their past policies, as well as Fauci’s initial lockdown response as he would have been privy to some of that classified info that his grant-funded Wuhan Lab research “discovered,” more at gain-of-functioned).

My medical sources explained that more and more studies seem to be pointing to the body’s immune reaction to the spike protein as the major issue caused by COVID.  Various inflammations which (in layman’s terms) clog up the flow of blood throughout the body is the culprit.

The spike protein, produced in massive quantities by the vaccine, is speculated to be the cause of major circulatory issues as the body reacts to them.  Inflammations and clotting, Myocarditis, Pericarditis, stroke, kidney issues, etc.

Infection from COVID is different in that the spike protein is not separate, but rather a part of the virus, so not as dangerous.  However, as your body attacks the virus and “chops it to pieces,” parts of the spike protein will circulate, causing similar inflammations and circulatory issues, but on a far smaller scale than vaccination does.  These are known as “MICRO CLOTS.”   One’s susceptibility to them will relate in great deal to the severity of infection, as well as the body’s immune systems’ ability to clear out the viral spike protein pieces.  This theory has been around for a while, but it is getting more and more credibility in the medical community as studies are done.

Here’s an article that’s over 10 months old.  At the time it was viewed as just more speculation about COVID/Long COVID:

Could microclots help explain the mystery of long Covid? | Resia Pretorius | The Guardian  

Another study was forwarded to me from late August.  The findings suggest that COVID increases systolic and diastolic BP, and may cause new onset hypertension.  Routine tests do not disclose Micro Clotting.

Does COVID-19 Cause Hypertension? – PubMed (

An article cited today states that millions are likely suffering from “silent strokes” after being infected with Covid, but might not become aware of this until the effects are cumulative.  This could lead to ultimate deaths being attributed to a variety of factors as, again, routine tests do not disclose micro clotting.

COVID-19 News: BREAKING! Millions Are Suffering From ‘Silent Strokes’ As A Result Of SARS-CoV-2 And Are Not Even Aware Of It! – Thailand Medical News

These study findings piggyback on the VA study from months ago.  A Daily Beast News article on Yahoo News (How COVID Could Screw You Worse With Each Reinfection ( summarizes it as follows:

The risk of cardiovascular disorders, problems with blood-clotting, diabetes, fatigue, gastrointestinal and kidney disorders, mental health problems, musculoskeletal disorders and neurologic damage all increase with reinfection—this despite the antibodies that should result from repeat infections.

We are now seeing that the COVID spike protein is causing MAJOR circulatory problems when received into the body in quantity via vaccination, BUT, the spike protein could also be causing a more SILENT longer term issue, both from the vaccine spike as well as if one is exposed to it intermittently via repeat infection with the virus.

The symptoms of Long COVID seem to be exactly what one would recognize as being caused by micro clots and poor circulation: fatigue, memory issues, lightheadedness and dizziness, tingling in the extremities, etc. Likewise, as more and more “silent strokes” occur, a patient’s health would likely deteriorate and the decline would be blamed on whatever major organ fails first.  Thus, leading to what we are seeing; surging excessive death rates around the world with a variety of named causes, rather than one largely underlying, cause…micro clotting.

Since all genetically modified humans (GMH) have been medically transformed into spike protein factories that are indefinitely manufacturing potentially trillions upon trillions of these cytotoxic spikes, those that did not die within the first five months are nonetheless for all intents and purposes the living dead. Many of these GMH’s will claim that they “feel fine”, but they are essentially akin to those that are walking around with undiagnosed stage 4 cancer, except that they are metastasizing systemic micro clots that at some point “suddenly” result in SADS, or any of the other alleged Long COVID symptoms.

Expect upcoming research studies to further corroborate the acute dangers of spike protein induced micro clotting associated “silent strokes.”

Also, several months ago this substack posted the following germane article:

Computerized Thermographic Imaging and
Live Blood Analysis Post C19 Injection

If China wants to scare its populace in order to impose more violent crackdowns on protesters, perhaps we’ll see old studies released by them with a current date, showing the added dangers from COVID due to micro clotting that they knew all along, but chose to hold back until now, when it more conveniently fits the CCP narrative that will allow for ever greater draconian control.  This narrative will also be disseminated by Western nations, especially by the likes of the CDC, NIH, UN, and the WHO.

After all, both China and the West are WEF “penetrated,” CIA handled and One World Government owned; the very same entities that manufactured the PSYOP-19 “pandemic” in order to deploy their depopulation and control bioweapon en route to their Great Reset.

Do NOT comply.


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