SMARTPHONES: Time to rid the planet of this “invasion of privacy” and “ambient EMR pollution”

How to out smart the smart stuff!

by Shoshoni
May 2020

If we are not in denial, it is obvious that the powers of the underworld have stepped up their final “control process”; and are attempting to centralize power and global control over our entire species in a way that is devoid of any pretense of democratic legitimacy, compassion, or redeeming integrity whatsoever.

What this control matrix feels like is nothing human, because every member of the human race of this planet has one thing in common and that is the need and desire for freedom. It is written in our DNA, and it flows in our blood. It’s also what makes us evolutionary, ensouled, and eternal beings.

Our Founding Fathers understood the same thing at another crucial point in human history. If those brave men and women had not become warriors for Freedom at that crucial time in Earth’s history there would likely be no free human beings living on this planet today! That is why the fight for liberty at this moment is so important to the evolutionary process that allows all human souls to remain eternal.

People should be pissed at other people for second-hand radiation exposure coming from their 5G and 4G cell phones instead of worrying about giving each other some disease from standing closer than 6 feet away.

Cell phones actually cause cellular damage within 15 feet of another person, while second-hand smoke does not.  Moreover, our privacy is being compromised if someone picks up our voices in the background of someone else’s cell phone microphone, whether it’s on or off, because it is being picked up by the 5 EYES/NSA—24/7.  Therefore, thanks to our inconsiderate cell phone-using friends and neighbors, we do not have any presumption of privacy anywhere, even in our homes or at our backyard parties!

That knowledge requires a lawsuit or an encryption app.  Otherwise we are being mass herded into a consent that we never gave these monsters! Question everything!!!

Don’t forget they accused all conservatives and Christians of making pariahs out of AIDS victims.  Now the Democrat governors of California, Michigan, Maine and others are trying to make all of its citizens subject to being tested and tracked like animals. How soon after that will we be branded with a “D” for “Disease” even though what they really mean is “Deplorable”.

This increasing encroachment upon our freedom requires that we, as a massive, monolithic and united collective, do something simple but profound to impede that control that they are attempting to put the final coffin nails into. There are other ways to communicate besides cell phones. It is high time that the human race got much better at communicating with each other by different means.

How could everyone around the world fight back against this “Plandemic” that would not cost anything? The answer is to simply get rid of your smart phones!

If there is the infrastructure for cell phones, they were built upon the infrastructure for landlines. Everyone should make it their purpose in the next few weeks to get a “corded”, not cordless, remote or blue tooth.  That means a hardwired land-line phone connection put back in everyone’s homes; and start using it so that people are not completely cut off from communication with others.  In this way, when people purge their lives of that ‘totalitarian ankle bracelet’, they won’t need it again for any reason!

There are burner phones for live streaming of protests and other important truths which the legacy media refuses to cover that can be used for emergencies and travel.  Also, land lines and snail mail or email provide the wired environment for virtual shield encryption for all home IT configurations which wireless texting does not.

Food for thought.



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