The Democrats are gonna steal every election in sight this November in California!

My written opposition to mail in voting and election fraud

From: Ground Zero, L.A. County California

Dear Center for American Progress, and Mr. John Podesta,

In answer to the letter that you sent from the Center for American Progress, Dated May 18th and titled; Tell your rep. to make voting safe and accessible!”

The content of this letter was about making sure that California had only mail in voting.    

If I were still a brain dead, Democrat, I would likely be stupid enough to believe that your only reason for promoting “mail in voting” is because you want to keep me safe!

However, after seeing the State of California “promote mail in voting only for Red counties” and poll voting for all of the others by the Democrats in charge of California’s elections, for over a decade, I have come to the conclusion that the mail in votes are not being counted.

“Therefore, the last thing that I want to do, is to allow your party, the Democrats, who you represent as the former Campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, to cheat in one more election!” A 2014 report by the Election Integrity Project

I oppose “mail in voting!”

I also oppose “ballot harvesting!” In 2016 the California Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown ostensibly “legalized” ballot harvesting, allowing a third party to collect ballots and deliver them to election officials, eliminating the ballot protection law that allowed only a family member to return another voter’s ballot. Assembly Bill 1921 now allows anyone to return an absentee ballot. The law has encouraged campaign operatives to engage in coercive tactics, achieving the perfection of election fraud, Shawn Steele explained;

“Effectively, California has eliminated voting integrity laws that protect voters from campaign intimidation, with Democrat operatives knocking on doors collecting the ballots of Democrat voters. What happens to those ballots after they are collected is anyone’s guess. All chain of custody procedures are off the table at this point.”

“The more than 250,000 election day vote-by-mail drop-offs were also the result of ballot harvesting,” Lloyd Billingsley reported at Frontpage Mag. “And the Election Integrity Project California found discrepancies in the totals of poll and mail ballots cited by the state and four counties in Southern California” following the June 2018 Primary Election.

I oppose “rigged voting machines.” “Election fraud was widespread during the California Primary election June 7, 2016. Thousands upon thousands of California voters showed up at their designated polling stations only to discover that their party registration had been changed, or they were dropped entirely from the rolls. And it was evident this was done from within the state’s electronic voting system.” Cathy Grigg

Eleven California counties have more voters than eligible voters, and Los Angeles County officials informed the Election Integrity Project that “the number of registered voters now stands at a number that is a whopping 144% of the total number of resident citizens of voting age.”

I oppose “Democrat family owned media control of election results!” Dianne Feinstein’s husband own part of a media company that monitors and reports election results to the News Networks. Fox News called the House elections for the Democrats one hour before the polls closed in California and four hours before they closed in Hawaii on election night 2018. I oppose the continual “censoring of Republicans” and conservatives during elections cycles “by technocrat criminal traitors!”

I oppose the fact that the legacy, mockingbird media has constantly been your vile, dishonest and slanderous mouthpiece about “everything pertaining to the truth, which you, the Democrats and they, the legacy media, have murdered.” That is especially true about our candidates, your polls and our elections.

The last statement that I have made has been proven to me beyond a shadow of a doubt because there is not a single national or even statewide news outlet in the State of California that has been willing to publish the truth about the depth of corruption and Democrat driven voter fraud in the State of California to date!

I oppose the fake news, on the “tell lie vision,” including Hollywood and their disturbing and anti- human movies! I also oppose everything being printed by the urine-soaked, one sided, dishonest, libel ridden news- papers and magazines produced by the vile cabal, that you and the Democrats control. Their only purpose is to promote your candidates and libel or censor your opposition! They are only fit for use in an outhouse, and I don’t mean for reading!”

In 2017, The Election Integrity Project California joined Judicial Watch in sending a National Voter Registration Act Section 8 notice of violation letter to California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla. The letter was ignored.

I oppose “gerrymandering, redistricting, dead people voting,” six-page NVRA Letter to California Secretary of State, hundreds of thousands of “lost voter registrations” every election cycle and “failure to count provisional ballots” or those sent to the military bases and overseas troops! California has more military bases than any other state and most of the Military is filled with conservatives.

I oppose the Democrat, controlled California’s policy of sending “two mail in ballots to every registered Democrat” in the State for every one mail in Republican ballot sent to Republicans. 

The above State of California Voter Registration document offers every party but Republican.
I oppose the Democrat, controlled California ‘s policy of “hiring and promoting undocumented non -citizens to work” for California Democrat election campaigns, which includes jobs like ballot harvesting, gerrymandering, and vote counting.

I oppose the California, Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsome’s use of recovery money paid for by the legal citizen tax payers of the State of California, being given to non-citizens, living in the State illegally. This acts like a bribe right before the 2020 election. The Supreme Court has deemed this act by the California Governor, unconstitutional and unlawful.

I oppose the Democrats creating laws that take union dues and give them to Democrat campaign coffers no matter how many of their members oppose the Democrat’s policies.

I oppose Democrat, controlled California allowing the no- party preference voters to only vote for Democrat Candidates for President but no Republican Candidates during the primaries. The purpose for that is because they give the two people with the most votes without regard for party affiliation the right to a run off in the main election. Therefore, many California primaries have no other parties represented against two opposing Democrats.

I oppose Democrat, controlled California allowing “sixteen-year olds to register to vote” in order to boost the Democrat’s number of registered voters even though they are not legally able to vote for two years.

California Democrats have created the perfect storm with pre-voter registration for teenagers, and illegal aliens, felons, and inmates now able to vote.” Katy Grimes

Most importantly, I oppose Democrat, controlled California “giving voter registrations to every applicant for every driver’s license whether they are U.S. citizens or not” including undocumented sixteen-year olds. The California New Motor Voter Program,

Furthermore, your big concocted myth about California being a state full of mindless liberals is at an end! The truth is now irrefutable to the people of California and to the people of the rest of the country. A 2014 report by the Election Integrity Project titled, “The Doors Are Wide Open For California Election Corruption,” found  that California’s election system had serious vulnerabilities, no centralized computerized, no statewide voter registration list, poor National Voter Registration Act list maintenance, non-compliance with statutes protecting lawful voters, and suspected voting fraud.

The report also found key election officials were roadblocks to election integrity. “Whether this stems from negligence or design, or a misguided central focus on ‘voter experience’, the result is the same: Corruption. “The injury to lawful voters is patent,” the report said. “We believe the problem is with Vote Cal,” Election Integrity Project co-founder Linda Paine said in a June interview. “It’s the same problems all over the state.”

Yet no county or state election officials will meet with the Election Integrity Project to review their evidence. On election night 2018, California Republicans were heading for victories. Less than one month later, while ballots were still being counted, half of California’s Republican Congressional races were flipped by Democrat challengers, none of whom have ever held an elected public office.

Republicans lost election night leads for five members of Congress, three state Assembly races, two state Senate seats and a Board of Equalization candidate. Assembly Republicans total only 20 out of 80 members of the Assembly, and Senate Republicans are down to 11 members out of 40 Senators, for a grand total of 31 elected Republicans out of 140 total legislators in all of the Capitol.

In the State Legislature, Democrats won 60 Assembly seats and 29 Senate seats, giving them a whopping supermajority. So while Democrats were reveling in the California Blue Tsunami, the head of the Californian Republican Party was “Missing in Action”.

The California Democrats and the Art of the Steal

It is obvious by now that both political parties will not address the issue of Democrats stealing elections, and Republicans are avoiding the topic altogether because they just want to keep their seats.

California is becoming as corrupted as Venezuela, and Communist China. Disenfranchising Republicans is just the start, especially in California, because the rest of the country blames California’s voters instead of its out of control corruption at the political level. “Californians deserve what they get” is the usual theme on comments and social media.

Why did the GOP permit this? Why did the GOP not have poll watchers at EVERY polling station in California on Election Day? Why are there no lawsuits? Why has there been no demand for a Department of Justice civil rights investigation into California’s many elections issues? What happened to the California Republican Party? The brother of the California Democrat Party is in control of the CAGOP and therefore it has become a trojan horse.

The California’s Republican party is a trojan horse, shaped like an elephant, which is stuffed full of jack asses!”New Way California is Wrong Way.

This has been proven by the California Republican party refusing to curb the Democrats wholesale cheating every election! That is especially true for the 2018 election which resulted in the theft of at least five Republican won, Congressional seats “STOLEN” by Democrats up to two weeks after the 2018 election was over.

“The reality is that California has only one party and that is the Democrat party, which has been rigging the vote in favor of themselves for decades!”

“The Democrat controlled State of California has far from a representative government!”

That is being proven by the largest mass exodus of legal citizen residents from the State of California, then from any State in the history of this country. That mass exodus has been ongoing for almost a decade!

You call yourselves progressives! However your idea of progress is a totalitarian oligarchy where government infused Democrats run every facet of our lives, and never have to answer to a single voter because “the vote has been and is still being rigged by the California Democrats” and by Democrats across the country, it has been for decades!

You and your party have put us under house arrest and dosed us with a taste of what a real 1984 oligarchy, reality is like. This has all been courtesy of you, the deep state Democrats and your allies the gate keeper Rinos. In doing so, you have been unmasked.                                                                                                                                               

The totalitarian policies of the following Democrat Governors and Mayors will prove to be your undoing. These are Democrat governors like Michigan’s Governor, Colorado’s Governor, Arizona’s Governor, Washington State’s Governor, Oregon’s Governor and Virginia’s Governor.

There are also the Democrat mayors involved in helping these Despotic Democrat Governors. They include the Mayor of Chicago and the Governor of Illinois. They also include the Mayor of New York City and the Governor of the State of New York. 

Last but not least there is the Governor of California, and the Mayors of the City of Los Angeles and the City of Ventura who insist that they have the right to control all of L.A. and Ventura counties. “Think again, you tyrants!” They have been leading the pack with their odious, unlawful and despicable anti California citizen’s policies!  California Governor, “Gavin Newsom,” has also had help from the Mayor of Sacramento, the Mayor of San Francisco and the Mayor of Los Angeles, “Gil Garcetti!” This indefinite incarceration of California’s citizens is connected to rigging the vote in favor of the Democrats or we would have been back to normal months ago! 

That is exactly what you are attempting to do once again with this letter urging me to support universal mail in voting! Your reign of lies and terror are at an end!

“Your pandemic is about election fraud and illegitimately regaining power, at any cost and little more!”

The “walk away movement” is alive and well and growing like crazy in the State of California! I will “never again” vote for a Democrat.

“I refuse to give up until our Golden State is Golden once again!”

From; One fed up former Democrat who still lives in California and plans to stay in California, until you and your kind are purged from our Planet and sent to the lower dimension from where came.

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