SHOCKING! Environmental disaster intentionally caused by federal government – a derailed train carrying many carloads of Polyvinyl Chloride was detonated on purpose in Palestine, Ohio

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

I’ll tell you something I at least know about. A train carrying beyond toxic chemicals derailed in Palestine Ohio. One car was leaking the chemicals but was not burning. So what did the federal government do? It put explosives on the 4 that were not leaking and blew them up!!! A mega disaster has now been created and there’s not a peep about it on Drudge. THAT is what I am talking about when I say an AI is expunging the news, I am not mistaken, that really is happening.

That’s the last thing you’d ever want to do, that substance, when not cured (as was the case) is probably the worst carcinogen known to man. I think “they” wanted to cause a huge disaster so they derailed the train on purpose, and then for no conceivable reason put explosives on the tanks and blew them up on puropse. A side comment here – something that is getting censored but I have known about since the 80’s – un cured polyvinyl chloride is BAAAD, I found out about that after someone I knew had to walk into a cleanup scene and died of cancer within 2 months. You cannot expose yourself to un-cured liquid PVC fumes NO MATTER WHAT. Cured it is fine, un-cured it’s one of the worst things there is.

I REPEAT: THEY DERAILED A TRAIN CARRYING PERHAPS THE WORST CHEMICAL CARGO POSSIBLE AND THEN DETONATED EVERY SINGLE CAR CARRYING THAT SUBSTANCE ON PURPOSE, right in the middle of the most prime farm land in the country. That’s a clear and obvious act of war waged on the United states by the government.

CLEARLY, obviously, the worst enemy of the United States is its own government, stolen elections have consequences, and this is proof.

This “weather system” is in fact the worst toxic waste known to man, put into the sky by the government of the United States. The environmental destruction will be incalculable. And this is not even being picked up by the MSM.

GET THIS!! The reason given for blowing the train cars up was because they were afraid they might explode!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!

Here is what it looks like in a neighboring town



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