Ufology Update: It’s A Psy-Op!

Carlsbad, CA
February 14, 2023

by Rich Scheck

Greer, Snowden, DJ Liszt and many other observers of the UFO Phenomenon agree:  the latest UFO flap is a psy-op!

Carol Rosin told us years ago of Von Braun’s prediction that seems to be coming true regarding the use of the ET Threat Meme to scare the public into compliance with NWO mandates.

Now comes the new effort to intimidate us into submission as a distraction from all the failures of the Davos Demons and the Global Elite.

The last few years have seen the flu, vaccine, climate change and war in Ukraine trotted out to force the public into a position of subservience to authority that asserts its power based on lies.

Now comes the UFO Threat as the latest arrow in the large quiver of weapons available to those intent on Full Spectrum Dominance of all of humanity.

It sure feels like the run-up to Project BlueBeam or a similar hoax right out of the Intelligence Community playbook of psychological warfare!

This one has been carefully crafted by the Powers That Be ever since the NY Times published its account of the Tic Tac sightings by US pilots on 12/16/17 that, combined with the TTSA roll-out and the MSM media hype surrounding Lue Elizondo, softened up the public for what’s on display today.

This commentator has been saying the same thing for years:  official government narratives are invariably suspect and designed to manipulate us into a fear-based reaction that serves hidden agendas rather than describing the truth.  https://exonews.org/ufos-unending-false-official-narratives/

Rather than focusing on the insane war in Ukraine, the vaccine scandal, a failing economy,
the border crisis, the sad state of our elections and countless other serious problems, we now have a series of UFO shoot downs with rumors of them being Chinese spy balloons, unknown objects or maybe even alien craft.

Sadly, IMO, it’s all scripted:   https://www.brianruhe.ca/ufology-update-its-all-carefully-scripted/

I could go on but hopefully you get the idea.  I urge all to please bring a huge grain of salt and a sharp mind as you listen to the conflicting and dubious attempts at explanation of these events.

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